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Stabbing Incident Reported In Barnstaple, Devon

stabbing Barnstaple Devon
Photo: Devon Live WS

According to reports, Police are currently dealing with a “very serious incident” in Barnstaple, Devon. The incident occurred on Bear Street and people have been advised to keep away from the area. Eyewitnesses accounts suggest “multiple stabbing” occurred. Police have reportedly shifted two people to a nearby hospital and one person has been detained at the scene of crome.

The Police received calls around 4:20 pm of a “serious assault” on Bear Street. The Police promptly rushed to the scene, the incident is being described as “ongoing” in local news. Officers are still monitoring the area and cautioning locals to adhere from roaming around Bear Street at the moment. The bus operator stagecoach also tweeted regarding the situation, indicating that some services are temporarily unavailable due to the ongoing incident. The statement reads, “Services currently unable to serve Boutpourt Street, Green Lanes or Bear Street due to a police incident.”



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