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Reports of stabbing incident in Elverum, Norway

Stabbing Elverum, Norway
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Update: The Police have confirmed the location of the incident in the following tweet, “CORRECTION: The incident took place on the West Side of Glomma.”

According to reports from Norway, a man in military clothes has stabbed multiple people in Elverum. Police have cautioned residents to stay indoors till the situation is normalized outside. The man is reportedly carrying around a knife in Elverum, the police are still searching for him. It is speculated that the perpetrator is mentally unstable and has stolen the military uniform.

The official account for Elverum Police tweeted, “at 1424: Reported stabbing at a private address. Armed police are searching for a perpetrator east of Glomma in Elverum. It is believed that the perpetrator is mentally unstable. He may be wearing a stolen military uniform.

Stabbing incident at Elverum, Norway

The Elverum Police also tweeted, “Police are asking residents in the area to stay inside and lock doors / windows. For observations, call 112.”

Reports state that an injured woman has been taken to a nearby hospital, she has stab wounds and is currently being treated in a medical facility.  One user tweeted, “Just in: A man wearing military clothes, stabs people in Elverum, Norway. Police asks residents to lock the doors and stay inside after the incident.”

Another user tweeted, “Stabbing attack reported in Elverum, Norway. One woman stabbed and wounded. Suspect believed to be in military uniform is still on the run. There’s presently no indication that this incident is related to Islamist terrorism.” Another user tweeted, “One women has been stabbed, condition unknown. The police believes that the suspect stole a military uniform from a military camp last night. The stabbing happened in close proximity to this military camp, Dagbladet reports.”

Another knife attack in Paris

According to news reports from Paris, a person has attacked the police with a knife. Insider Paper tweeted, “BREAKING: A person attacked police with knife in the 15th arrondissement, Paris. The attacker has been neutralized, there are no injuries.” Thankfully, the perpetrator was arrested by the Police before any casualties could take place.

France is experiencing an all-time high of terror activity. The situation of France can be best summarized with the following tweet, “World going wild: Knife attack outside a church in Nice, France, a terrorist attack. 3 were killed, the 2nd high-profile knife attack in France within 2 weeks. Earlier, a teacher in Paris was brutally beheaded by a student after showing caricatures of Muhammad. (The Pour Over).”

The French President Emmanuel Macron has publicly declared that France is “under attack” following a series of shockingly violent acts carried throughout the country. Earlier yesterday, France declared a state of emergency and enhanced its security protocols to the highest degree of alertness.

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