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Stabbing: Knife attack reported at Paris Metro, France [UPDATED]

paris metro line 7 stabbing france knife attack

According to recent reports, a stabbing incident has been reported in Paris, France. The nature and reasons for the stabbing are unknown yet. The incident was reported as a “passenger incident” by the RATP. The incident reportedly occurred in a Paris metro. The traffic has been temporarily halted in the region. All traffic between Place d’Italie and Mairie d’Ivry and Villejuif L. Aragon has been interrupted for the time being.

Knife attack in Paris, France

The victim injured by the knife is currently being treated. The reasons for the attack are unknown, police have not revealed any information regarding the suspect. Reports suggest that the attack took place on Line 7, Metro. Incidents of stabbing in Paris are not new. Paris has been plagued with stabbing and similar acts of violence for the past few years.

UPDATE: Traffic has been resumed. See update here.


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