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Stabbing incident reported near high school in Stockport, Manchester

In today’s breaking news, there has been a mass stabbing near the High School in Stockport, Manchester. Several people have been hurt and transferred to a hospital nearby. Detectives have told the press that three injured persons have been rushed to the hospital.

The attacker remains unknown, the gender or age of the attacker has not yet been disclosed by the police. The motive behind the attack remains unknown as well, the stabbing might have been stemmed from hate or psychiatric illness. The only details known yet are that the stabbing took place near the High School located in Stockport.

The GMP spokesman issued the following statement,”Police were called to reports of a stabbing off The Fairway in Offerton, Stockport on Tuesday, September 1. Emergency services attended and three people have been taken to hospital with injuries. No arrests have been made and enquiries remain ongoing.” Images surfacing from the scene of crime show several police cars parked near the High School in Stockport.

According to reports, the police officers remained on the scene till 7 pm.

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