Staying Active in Old Age

Staying Active in Old Age
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As we get older it can become harder to stay active. We might struggle with mobility issues, illness, or perhaps even loneliness, which makes it hard to get out and about, and moving could even be painful. Many older people find that they are unable to enjoy the exercises and activities that they did when they were younger and feel unsure about things that they could do instead. Older people should try to be active every day, enjoying 150 minutes of moderate activity per week when possible,to stay fit, healthy, and happy. If you are struggling and living a more sedentary life than you’d like, there are some great ways that you can stay active in later life.

Look for Your Barriers

If you are worried that you aren’t getting enough exercise, ask yourself what is stopping you. Do you have mobility problems? Does it hurt to move? Are you lonely? Do you feel anxious? Once you have identified any barriers to activity, you can make a plan to get around them, by seeking professional help or exploring different kinds of exercise.

Move to a Retirement Community

For many people, a move to an assisted living community such as this nursing home in St. George, UT, can be a great way to get past barriers such as mobility, healthcare needs, and loneliness. Living in a retirement community can give you safe grounds to explore, exercise classes that suit you, healthcare assistance, and lots of ways to meet new friends to move with.

Get Outdoors

Being outside is so good for you. It increases your access to vitamin D, boosts blood flow and circulation, and works your muscles. Things like walking, or even pottering in the garden can be incredibly good for you.

Find Hobbies You Enjoy

We’re more likely to stick to exercise and activity if we can find things that we enjoy doing. Exercise classes for seniors, gardening, walking clubs, and swimming can be fun. You could also try looking for clubs and classes in your local area.

Spend Time with Friends

When we spend time with friends, we move. We walk together, we try new things, and we introduce each other to our hobbies. If your circle has shrunk as you’ve got older, joining clubs and spending time in community places like the local library are great ways to connect with new people.

Set Small Goals

Setting goals is a fantastic way to motivate yourself to move more. Small attainable goals like going for a 10-minute walk a day or spending 15 minutes in your garden in the afternoon can be good goals to start with.

Walk After Meals

Walking after meals might seem challenging if you are full and feeling sluggish. But if you can get into the habit, it can be a great way to lift your energy levels and get a little exercise.

Staying active in later life can reduce the risk of a wide range of health conditions and help you to live a healthier and happier life. It is, however, important not to rush or push yourself too hard. Always speak to a healthcare professional before starting a new program of activity, or if you are worried about how much you can do.

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