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Taliban Set Fire An Amusement Park A Day After They Were Enjoying Rides

Taliban fire amusement park
Image: Video Screenshot

Taliban militants allegedly burned down an amusement park a day after they were seen riding rides following Kabul’s capture.

In the videos, Taliban militants, some armed with weapons, can be seen riding on the electric bumper cars. Taliban militants can be seen riding small merry-go-round horses in another video.

A new video that recently surfaced shows a similar park engulfed in flames after the Taliban set it on fire.

Following the capture of Kabul, Taliban militants were seen riding rides at an amusement park.

An entire amusement park is seen burning in the latest video making the rounds on social media, with massive flames covering the area at night.

The video was shared on Twitter by a user who claimed it was taken at the Bokhdi Amusement Park in Sheberghan.

The reason given by the Taliban for burning down the amusement park, according to the Twitter user, was that there were statues and idols inside the park.

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