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Texans brace for dangerous blast of cold, wind and snow

70 percent of US under storm warning as deep freeze hits
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The arctic blast is expected to hit Texas, bringing with it freezing temperatures that will last until Christmas.

Temperatures in northern Texas could drop to -6 degrees Celsius by Thursday afternoon, accompanied by 45-mph winds, according to the National Weather Service.

According to Mayor Sylvester Turner’s office, five warming centres will open to the public in Houston, the state’s largest city, on Thursday.

According to the office, each centre will provide chairs, blankets, water, ready-to-eat meals, PPE, and comfort kits.

Despite the potential for the coldest temperatures since that disastrous 2021 winter storm, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas said the state’s power grid should withstand arctic weather without major outages.

Temperatures will not remain as cold for as long, and ice will not be a factor this time, said the agency’s CEO Pablo Vegas during a board meeting on Tuesday.

“We expect that high demand period to occur on Friday morning,” he said.

“There’s a low probability scenario where there’s very high peak load and extreme outages of generation units and extremely low wind that shows that there could be a shortfall. But again, this is a very low probability scenario.

“So we continue to expect adequate supply with reserves for the approaching cold weather conditions,” Vegas said.

The 2021 winter storm killed over 200 people across the state and brought the Texas power grid to brink of collapse


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