The Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2 with Loadout

When it comes to the best weapons in Modern Warfare 2, Assault Rifles can never fall behind. Known for its accuracy, speed, firepower, and recoil, the Assault Rifle class of weapons, is excellent for mid and close combat, packing in quite a punch if used in a match. But certain ARs are a class apart from the rest and have grown in popularity throughout the Call of Duty franchise. This guide will look at the best assault rifle with loadout in MW2. M4 is a base weapon and the best, as claimed by numerous players. Here is all you need to know about the M4.

The Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2 with Loadout

There is quite a handful of ARs that make it to the top of the list of best guns to use, but one of them has more considerable popularity due to its ease of handling and firepower. Here we will see which AR is the best in Modern Warfare 2 and the best loadout for it.

Overall, the highest-ranked AR in Modern Warfare 2 is the M4. This gun has been a fan favorite throughout the Call of Duty franchise, so it makes sense that it would rank higher than its peers’ weapons. The M4 is an unstoppable force during a match with the correct loadout. The M4 is also the first assault rifle you can unlock and is the base weapon for the M4 Platform. You can get the M4 by reaching Rank 4 and unlocking the customs loadout menu.

Best Loadouts for the M4 in Modern Warfare 2

Equipping the best attachments on the M4 can double its attributes. Below are all the loadouts that you can equip and enhance the gun.

  • Optic: Cronen Mini Red Dot/ Forge Tac Delta 4
  • Muzzle: FTAC Castle Comp/ Echoline GS-X Suppressor/ Forge-Tac Castle Comp
  • Barrel: Tempus Hightower 20” Barrel
  • Stock: Corio Precio Factory/ Demo Fade Pro Stock
  • Rear Grip: Sakin ZX Grip/ Phantom Grip/ XTEN Grip
  • Laser: Schlager PEQ Box IV
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag

Coming to the Optics, the Cronen Mini Red Dot is enough to give you a range for mid-distance battles, but if you are looking for something more, you can utilize the x4 scope of the Forge Tac Delta 4. For recoil control, any of the above muzzles combined with the rear grip can help you avoid the shakiness the M4 will get. Adding any of the stock like the Corio Precio Factory or the Demo Fade Pro can help you achieve added stability in combination with the muzzle and rear grip. The three attachments in combination will help with horizontal and vertical recoil.

The Tempus Hightower 20” Barrel increases hip-fire accuracy, increases range and damage with bullet velocity, has better damage output, and helps with recoil control. If you are worried about the ADS speed in MW2 TTK, you can counter that by using the Schlager PEQ Box IV Laser. And finally, to increase the ammo capacity of the M4, equipping the 45 Round Mags ensures that you don’t have to reload very often.

Best Class Build for the M4 in Modern Warfare 2

  • Basic Perk 1: Overkill/ Bomb Squad
  • Basic Perk 2: Scavenger/ Double Time
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix/ Ghost
  • Secondary: Expedite 12/ Lachmann Sub
  • Tactical: Stun Grenade
  • Lethal: Proximity Mine/ Semtex
  • Field Upgrade: Munitions Box/ Battle Rage/ Dead Silence

Let’s talk about the base perks. Overkill helps you equip two primary weapons, with one being a secondary. so, if you are unsure of carrying the Expedite 12 or Lachmann Sub, then you can equip this perk to get a gun of your choice. Bomb Squad, on the other hand, will help you get reduced damage from non-killstreak explosives. Equipping Scavenger can help you pick up ammo and knives from fallen enemies, while Double Time increases the duration of the tactical sprint, making you run faster and avoid enemies. Bonus Perk Fast Hands increases reload and weapon swapping speed. Ultimate perk Quick Fix helps with healing and health regeneration after every kill, while Ghost helps you get past enemy radars and UVAs undetected.

Any of the above secondary weapons will help you with short-range burst fire, and they are both equally powerful if you are stuck in a tight spot. As for the Tactical weapon, the Stun Grenade can help you evade enemies quickly, but if you want to add an element of surprise, then the Lethal weapons Proximity Mine and Semtex can help you blast away groups of enemies at once.

You can also equip any of the field upgrades as they will give you different abilities in the field. Dead Silence can help you stay undetected by silencing your footsteps, while the munition box is handy if you are in a pinch and looking for more ammo. But if you like to play aggressively, then equipping Battle Rage can help you with high damage and faster recovery.

That’s all there is to know about the best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2, complete with loadouts, class, and perk package.

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