Things to consider when creating a mural

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Creating a mural can seem daunting at first. Usually a piece of art decorating a stretch of wall, murals can take up plenty of space and require different techniques compared to other forms of art.

But when carried out with skill and consideration, they can turn a dull, dreary area into a vibrant, colourful scene. Below, we explore the most important things to consider when creating a mural.

Are you allowed to paint there?

Lay the foundations of your mural by making sure you either own the wall or have permission to paint there from the owner or authority. There’s nothing worse than going through all the effort of making a mural, only for it to get scrubbed away.

Planning and design

Planning your mural is critical once you have permission. Murals are complex pieces of art, and you’ll most likely need a clear plan of what you’re attempting beforehand. This process begins with selecting your theme and creating sketches to see how your idea will look.

Ensure you go with a shape that fits on your wall, and plan for your foreground, middle ground and background. Once you have an idea on all of these different aspects, allow them to converge with a final draft sketch.


Once you have your draft prepared, the next step is to get the correct measurements so that your mural fits the area appropriately.

Measuring the face of the wall is an easy way to get an overview, but you can get more detail by splitting the wall into segments. By creating zones on the wall face you can identify where exactly your mural will fit and the proportions required.

Is it appropriate?

Be aware of the wall’s audience. What sort of age group are walking past it and how will it be received? Ideally, you’ll want to place your mural in a location where it carries some meaning: for instance, Marcus Rashford’s mural in his hometown of Manchester.

Is the area clean?

Before you go ahead and begin your mural, just ensure the face of the wall is clean and even. If it’s dusty and jagged, it could end up impairing the quality of the paintwork.

The right tools

To perfect your mural you’ll need the right tools too. Paintbrushes and palettes won’t cut it here. At the very least, you’ll need washing equipment to clean the area and spray guns for painting. If you can, it’s worth investing in a quality air compressor for a professional paint job also.

Creating a mural can be hugely satisfying. Just make sure that you plan it carefully and use the right tools to ensure the ideal finish.


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