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Ticketmaster Taylor Swift Presale access text code not received: customers

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According to reports, the Ticketmaster Taylor Swift Presale access text code is not arriving for many people, restricting them from purchasing concert tickets.

Ticketmaster is among the world’s leading ticket sales companies. Typically, the company sells tickets to a number of the year’s most prominent events, shows, and gigs.

The Taylor Swift concert presale is currently underway. However, it appears that the fans are not having the finest service possible.

Reports of Ticketmaster Taylor Swift Presale access text code not arriving

To participate in the Ticketmaster Taylor Swift concert presale, customers were required to first signup in the event’s section. The algorithm then chose at random from a large number of registered members.

Those chosen individuals were sent an email informing them that they would get an access code via SMS soon. Fans can use this access code to buy concert tickets through Ticketmaster.

Most fans who purchased the presale ticket were frustrated that they didn’t get the required access code by SMS. As a result, they have been unable to complete the purchase.

“Well thank you! I am a international fan who was ready to fly to the US next year for a show ! Las Vegas to be exact ! I am hoping somebody will sell me a floor seat for retail ! No presale code only waitlist even though am a loyal fan? #TSErasTour @taylorswift13 @taylornation13,” a user posted.

“It’s after midnight and I still haven’t gotten my code, but I got the email saying I was selected. Should I be worried?” another person posted.

Although, some affected users have said they got the codes many hours later than their expectation. However, there are still many customers who have no idea when the codes will arrive.

Potential fix + fans’ petition

Luckily, there is possible solution that supposedly speeds up the receipt of code.

It is also critical to understand that you must not purchase codes from outside parties. This is due to the fact that each code is linked to a Ticketmaster account.

Ticketmaster customer service has also noticed the problem and stated that they are working to fix it.

Some unhappy Taylor Swift supporters have filed a lawsuit against Ticketmaster over the latest tickets incident.

The fans have gathered over 40,000 petitions in support of a direct probe of Ticketmaster by the Department of Justice.

Additionally, Taylor Swift has voiced her disapproval and unhappiness with the way Ticketmaster has handled the situation.

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