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Tiktok age restriction issue annoys users 

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A lot of TikTok users are facing an age restriction issue on their accounts. Users are unable to access some TikTok posts due to the ‘This post is age protected’ popup.

TikTok age restriction issue occurs for users despite disabled settings

The error for ‘age-protected’ content shows even when users have turned off their ‘age restriction’ setting. People shared their frustration on social media and asked TikTok to fix this issue and take action.

The error is normal for sensitive content if the user is a minor or had their ‘age restriction’ setting activated. However, it even appears for adult users.

“I was trying to view a reply someone made to my comment on a video, and TikTok says the video is age restricted all of a sudden. I’m 25 years old. Also, the restriction setting is set to off on my account,” a Twitter post read. The person also tagged @TikTokSupport in their tweet.

Others were confused by the issue. “I can’t view stuff on TikTok because of some age restriction thing. I’m 18?? If I lied about my age when I made my tiktok account surely I made myself older. I don’t understand.”

TikTok reach is down

Many content creators have noticed that the views and reach of their videos have gone down.

A user shared their disappointing experience on Reddit, blaming TikTok for “halting the views” and problems with the algorithm.

Is there a solution for TikTok age restriction issue?

There has been no official acknowledgment by TikTok. The video-sharing platform is loved by millions of content creators who have received fame in a short time.

Some people have found the only solution was to create a new account. And to wait for TikTok to fix their algorithm.

Others suggested that turning off Family Pairing option would fix their viewing experience.

According to some affected users, TikTok took at least a week to update their account’s settings after they updated their DOB.

TikTok has not responded to users’ complaints for several weeks now. Meanwhile, users on Reddit and Twitter share possible solutions to the issue.

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