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Artificial Intelligence is one of the most successful technologies in the world. Its software market is destined to grow at a glance within the next couple of years, receiving $126 billion by 2025. The AI market includes lots of different applications belonging to natural language processing, robotic process automation, and machine learning.

Do you need AI to enhance your business processes? Well, let’s discuss AI in web development then! What are the advantages of AI? What apps can be built using AI? Let’s find out together with Inoxoft!

What’s artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence technology gives a simple machine the ability to simulate human decision-making and behaviors. This is done by analyzing human judgment and decision-making. The evolution of artificial intelligence happened rapidly throughout the past decades. And, now, artificial intelligence is used in almost every industry. You can see different helpful digital assistants (voice-powered, online chat bots, support bots), industrial robots, etc.

AI investments and future perspectives

AI has been recognized as an emerging technology and a beneficial field of investment by several company giants. For example, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, IBM, etc. Every year numerous startups begin their AI in web development journey. In 2021, the startup funding reached $38 billion.

The forefront countries getting all the value from AI development are China and the USA. These markets will only continue to thrive as the demand for smart AI solutions grows. Thus, it is important to understand what makes web development using AI so special. Let’s proceed!

Web development using AI

Web development is a process of building software, which consists of several stages. Before engaging in the SDLC, it is necessary for a customer to transmit all the valuable insights and requirements to set the right course of the development process. At least, that’s how it is done partnering with Inoxoft:

1 . Study the market to build an innovative web solution

If you study the market today, you will probably get to see dozens of useful AI web solutions. For example, recommendation engines. These are different filterings that shorten the circle of recommended stuff, recommendation of goods based on similar user picks, or recommendations of your friends that you may also like. Also, there is an image recommendation algorithm. This approach to AI has been widely used by Netflix and Amazon.

Another AI technology is image recognition. Using objects and patterns, AI allows locating similar images, corresponding fragments of images,recognizing human faces and who they are, etc. Google and Microsoft advance in using AI for these purposes. Also, there’s Meta that uses an AI algorithm to recognize people in pictures.

Natural language processing is also a branch of AI that transforms human speech to text. Or, the usage of natural language in search. There’s also an AI grammar checker that recognises errors within the text. And the most prominent example here is Google Docs.

Web chatbots powered by AI. These are the bots interacting with users in the website browser. These chatbots are equipped with natural language understanding and pattern recognition. So they are able to distinguish the content and form a response. Crisp is a great example of a Chatbot that integrates NLP tools to offer a rich and natural conversation experience.

Code helpers that use AI are also web-powered. Code helpers are the intelligent coding assistants that understand the code and give out suggestions at the appropriate moment. They analyze the web code given and give you fast and smart completion suggestions.

After you have done your market research, choose what you would like to achieve with the help of AI.

2 . Get to know your audience and their basic needs

Even if you choose your niche and form a particular idea of an AI product – that would be half of what you need to do. The other thing is to get to know your audience, whether they enjoy using AI, what they need to achieve with the help of AI, etc. Human needs and requirements always increase demand, so make sure your AI in web development projects is what your audience desires to have. You can conduct a survey for that reason or gather user data.

3 . Understand what can you get out of AI technology

After you have made up your mind what to deploy and for whom exactly, think about your tech stack, AI tools, resources to use, etc. this stage is important to meet the budget and understand completely what you are dealing with. Besides, you might want to know all the possible options of how to utilize AI to be ahead of your competitors in the future.

4 . Find a software development provider

Having a package of requirements, an idea, complete understanding of what you need to do leaves you with only one problem – who will deploy the web app for you? You can’t do it yourself even if you’re tech-savvy and have a background. Here, you need a good team. Where to find one? Probably, it is best to outsource a software development provider. This will let you save time and money. Sometimes, you will even have free time to do your things if the team is really skilled. Choose a company based on location (timezone), feedback (peer, Clutch, Goodfirms, etc.), cost of production, timeframes, smart minds on your team, and anything that makes sense or brings value to you personally.

5 . Transmit all your requirements to the development team

When you decide to share all your thoughts and requirements, be as precise as possible. Every visualization, idea interpretation, competitor website AI implementation are important. The more you get to share – the better product you will receive. Your team has to be on the same page as you are – no less, no more. See whether the team can pick up your ideas and continue creating what you wish for. If the team does not understand what you want or does something opposite of what you have asked, it means there’s miscommunication or this is just not your team.

6. Get to see the first results

The right team of software engineers will get back to you with the first results as soon as possible. And they will be eager to share what they’ve done after each sprint. You can either correct them or tell them the product turns out to be great.


There’s plenty of solutions with AI in web development on the market. Inoxoft knows that every new product has to bring value and be innovative. And there should be norush. Study the market, get to know your prospects and only then get into the development. AI will be popular in the future and it eases up human life. That’s why it is so welcome to exist and advance further.


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