Tips on Getting the Most Out Of a Vaporizer

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Vaping has been widely popularized as a safer alternative to traditional nicotine delivery methods. The practice has remarkably been suggested as an effective smoking cessation aid. Vaping has evolved from being viewed primarily as a smoking cessation aid into a lifestyle in recent years. Today, you’re likely to encounter thousands of vapers with no history of cigarette use.

But as you shall find, there are certain things to know before becoming a vaper. In this post, we narrow down our focus to the top tips on how to get the most out of your vaporizer.

1.   Choose a Vaporizer Based On Your Experience Level

Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes. The device that you choose depends on a variety of factors, mainly design and functionality.

If you’re new to vaping, it’s best to start with entry-level vaporizers known as cigalikes. Cigalikes resemble the shape of a regular cigarette roll, hence the moniker. These vape devices are characterized by their simplistic design, sub ohm tanks and relative affordability. Some cigalikes come with single-use vape tanks, while others feature in-built refillable tanks.

After using a cigalike for a couple of weeks, you can now transition to more complex vaporizers. Examples of sophisticated vape devices include vape pens, vape mods, and pod mods.

These devices have better features compared to cigalikes. For instance, they may include temperature control specs and an LCD screen to monitor various aspects, such as your current vaping temperature and the amount of charge left in your device.

2.   Choose a Vaporizer Depending On Your Preferred Vaping Material

It’s also essential to select a vape device depending on what you intend to use it with. Common vaping materials include e-juices, wax concentrates, and dry herbs. Each of these materials is suited for specific vaporizers.

You’ll require a vaporizer with an in-built liquid cartridge if you intend to inhale e-liquids. For wax concentrates, you’ll need a wax pen. Lastly, you’ll require a dry herb vaporizer if you’re planning to vape dry herbs.

3.   Understand the Components of a Vaporizer

There are four major components of a vaporizer. They include a vape tank, coils, battery, and mouthpiece. The material used in making these attachments may affect your overall vaping experience significantly. For instance, experts recommend vape tanks made of grade-1 titanium. That’s due to the metal’s durability and corrosion resistance.

For vape coils, your best bet is to consider coils made from Kanthal or Nichrome. These metal alloys are excellent heat conductors. They also come with lower resistance. Plus, they don’t give off a metallic flavor, which could otherwise mar your vaping experience.

Lastly, the drip tip your vaporizer comes with should preferably be made of glass or ceramic. Glass and ceramic are poor heat conductors. Unlike metal or plastic, glass and ceramic won’t burn your mouth even if vaping at high temperatures. They’re effortless to clean too.

4.   Choose Your Vaping Materials Wisely

As we’ve already highlighted, there are three types of vaping materials you can inhale. They include e-juices (also known as e-liquid, vape juices, or vape oils), dry herbs, and wax concentrates. Each of these materials impacts the functionality of your vaporizer and your overall vaping experience.

For instance, vaping dry herbs allows you to consume herbal extracts in their natural, unrefined form. However, you’ll need to vape at a considerably high temperature to completely heat the plant materials.

Wax concentrates are famous for their remarkable potency, making them popular with vapers looking for powerful hits. On the flip side, wax concentrates tend to gunk up the internal components, making the device work extra hard.

Lastly, e-liquids are formulated with a variety of flavors to make the vaping experience more enjoyable. Although these liquids are easier on your vaporizer than dry herbs and wax concentrates, they could also add gunk to your vape device and affect your overall vaping experience. That’s mainly for liquids containing a higher concentration of vegetable glycerin.

5.   Prepare Your Vaporizer Adequately

This vaping tip is particularly recommended when vaping from a new device. A new vaporizer may appear clean and harmless. But these devices usually contain some potentially toxic residues from factory chemicals. It’s essential to get rid of these residues before using a vape device for the first time.

To go about that, assemble your vaporizer by screwing together all the components that come as separate attachments. Without administering your vaping material, turn on the device and take a few draws. This will help to clear any harmful chemical residues in the vaporizer.

You can then turn off the device, feed your vaping material into it, and vape away.

6.   Vape at Optimal Temperature

There’s no ideal vaping temperature. It all depends on the kind of vaporizer you have, what you’re vaping, and your experience level. The conventional wisdom is, to begin with, the lowest temperature possible, then work your way up gradually. With time, you’ll be able to establish your optimal temperature.

You can usually tell you’re vaping at optimal temperature when the hits get smoother, and the flavors get more intense.

The Final Word

Whether you’re a new or seasoned vaper, you can implement the tip mentioned above to make the most out of your vaporizer. As a parting shot, remember to clean and maintain your vape device regularly, replacing it where need be. Also, be sure to establish your local vaping laws before owning or using a vaporizer.

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