Tips to Prevent Your Garden From Having Plumbing Problems

Garden plumbing mishaps are often difficult to resolve because the pipes are sometimes unseen. This is especially true in the case of underground pipes, which can be at risk of tree root intrusions. If left unchecked, you’ll be caught in the middle of a plumbing disaster before you know it. Find out the signs to look for to stop a plumbing catastrophe from occurring in your garden.

Signs of Garden Plumbing Problems

It is easy to believe that your garden plumbing is in perfect condition because there aren’t any signs indicating otherwise. Yet, you should be looking out for these signs, which can include the following:

1. Strange Smell

A typical garden usually smells fresh, especially if it’s filled with beautiful flowers. The smell of sewers, according to an Aurora plumbing specialist, should not be present. If it is, this could be a sign that your municipal sewer line has cracks or has been damaged in some ways. It can lead to a serious plumbing problem and should be addressed immediately.

2. Foundation Cracks

A crack in your foundation could indicate that you have a corroded pipe or it has burst. This could be noticed in a significant increase in your water consumption as reflected in your monthly utility bill. This is another sign that a plumbing disaster is imminent in your garden.

3. Pest Infestation

Pests like cockroaches and flies can find their way into your water pipes if they have been damaged. They can be found in great numbers, roaming around your garden and eventually settling inside your home.

4. Mold

Excess moisture in and around the garden area can lead to mold growth on your property’s exterior and interior. The presence of mold can be due to leaky pipes. This is a plumbing issue that requires immediate attention because mold exposure can have adverse effects on your health.

5. Clogs

Clogs can indicate that your plumbing is in poor condition. This is especially true if the blockage appears out of the blue. If the affected pipes were located beneath the ground, tree roots could have made their way into them.

6. Wet Spots

Wet spots are another thing to watch out for in your outdoor plumbing. They could mean that you have issues with your septic tank. It is crucial that you contact professionals immediately to confirm this. Otherwise, the problem could worsen and lead to a plumbing emergency and costly repairs.

Tips to Avoid Garden Plumbing Problems

As the old saying goes, prevention is a better cure, and it also applies to plumbing. Here are some tips to help prevent plumbing problems from occurring in your garden.

1. Plan your Landscape

Without proper planning, planting shrubs, plants, and trees in your garden can become a problem. The first step is to identify and map your pipes; a professional plumber can help you do this. Once the pipes are located, you will have a clearer idea of which areas to avoid. This will also help you determine the proper distance between your plants.

2. Block Tree Roots

Potassium hydroxide and copper sulfate are commercially available chemicals that can help prevent the roots of trees from reaching your water pipes. These products can be purchased at your local hardware store. Alternatively, an expert plumber can install metal or wood barriers in your garden plumbing to prevent tree root intrusion.

3. Regular Plumbing Inspection

The latest plumbing equipment is available to plumbers so they can check the condition of your plumbing without necessarily digging through your garden. A sewer camera is a good example as this allows plumbers to identify any potential problem without creating a big and ugly hole in your landscape. Simply put, make it a point to have your plumbing inspected at least once a year to keep this in top condition.

4. Replace Old Pipes

Old pipes are common in older homes, and they are also vulnerable to damage. If you have these pipes, practically every knowledgeable plumber will recommend that you have them replaced even if you feel that they are still working.

Key Takeaway

Garden plumbing can be tricky, particularly when it encounters problems. It will usually require the expertise of a professional plumber to identify the problem and resolve it. This is because many of the pipes found in this area of the house are installed underground.

Nevertheless, several steps can be taken to prevent plumbing problems in your garden. For example, it’s risky if you just plant a tree anywhere in the area since you could accidentally hit a water line buried beneath the ground. If you have old pipes, these can be easily damaged by any gardening activity. To ensure the safety of your outdoor plumbing system, it’s best to ask a plumber to help you locate your underground pipes so you can plan a better landscape.


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