Top 5 Luxury Chess Sets to Buy Online

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Are you looking for a refreshing experience when playing chess? No doubt, the type of chess set you choose plays a central role. When you buy one of the luxury chess sets available in the market, you will have an inspiration to keep on playing. These sets have an amazing design and look.

However, finding an authentic luxury chess set can be a tough task. Due to their design and price, many local chess stores do not stock them. You will need to move from one store to another, which can be a tiresome task.

The good news is that you no longer need all these hassles. You can buy a chess set of choice online right from the comfort of your home. Here are some of the top luxury chess sets you can purchase online:

Antique Walnut Chess Set

Chess is one of the oldest games in world history. The game was a choice of emperors and kings as well as wealthy merchants. These people played chess during their leisure time and while making business deals.

The Antique Walnut chess set brings back the experience of these royal and mighty groups. It has a classical and luxurious design that will inspire you to keep playing. Also, it is a product of walnut and comes with brass chess pieces. These aspects give it a classical look that power-up you experience. You can get this piece online from the Kaoori chess store.

The Golden Collector Luxury Chess Set

Golden Collector Luxury Chess Set is an amazing product by Kaoori Chess Company. It is made of Boxwood and Ebony wood, giving it a luxurious feeling thanks to its skilled craftsmanship and style.

This luxury set comes with 34 pieces and a king-size of 4.4 inches that have a 2-inch base. Unfortunately, you will need to buy a chessboard separately. The dealer does not package this golden collector with a specific chessboard. Their idea is to offer you the freedom of choice, which is not a bad thing altogether.

Supreme Collector Luxury Chess Set

Supreme Collector is another luxury chess set that you can buy online. The set shares similar design and craftsmanship with Staunton. However, it is not part of that family. The set is the brainchild of Nathaniel Cooke, a leading chess set maker.

When you purchase one online, the seller presents a certificate of authenticity. This certificate confirms that what you pick is of high quality and authentic. Hence, you save your money from going to scammers and fake sellers.

St. Petersburg Luxury Artisans Chess Set

The St. Petersburg chess set is a great source of luxurious feeling and design. It is among the few luxury chess sets that speak the royal language. The set features outstanding, elegant, and nicely carved Bud Rose Wood and Boxwood chess pieces. The high-quality wood places it at the top of the luxury collections.

Also, the set is a product by Chess Bazaar. So, you can trust its authenticity, durability, and reliability to offer you an amazing luxurious feeling whenever you use it.

The Championship Chess Set

House of Staunton is a household name in chess. This brand is the maker of the Champion chess set. So, you can be certain that it will bring out all aspects you may desire in a luxury chess set.

The set is a combination of Maple and Mahogany chessboard with chess pieces crafted from natural boxwood and rosewood, golden rosewood and boxwood, or ebonized boxwood. These materials give it a luxury appeal and feel.

In a word, you no longer need to waste time moving from one chess store to another. All you need is an internet-enabled device to access an online chess store and buy one of these luxury chess sets.

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