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Tower of Fantasy crashing for mobile and PC players 

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Tower of Fantasy is constantly crashing for players on PC and mobile. Users report that upon launching the game and entering a server, a screen appears but crashes after.

Multiple social media reports of Tower of Fantasy crashing on PC and mobile

People took to social media to express their disappointment over the persisting issue. Players lose progress in the game due to the crashing problem.

The game is an open-world action RPG situated in an anime-like post-apocalyptic realm. Players can traverse the adventurous world and use distinctive characters to fight their nemesis.

“I’ve fully reinstalled on 2 different drives, ran as admin, allowed through anti-virus, used a VPN, and I still crash at the same part after launching the game every time. I click launch on the launcher, the game opens and begins loading, the bar at the bottom jumps and freezes at 33% every time then subsequently crashes. It’s likely not hardware or os issues,” a player wrote on Twitter.

Many players believe the reason for the crash could be server overload. This usually happens with fanfare and the inability of servers to handle a large number of players.

Both PC and mobile players are affected by the problem and requested the developers to fix the issue.

Additionally, many gamers complained about different bugs after the game was released on iOS.

Some said the game keeps crashing for them or it’s stuck on a black screen. While others reported that they were experiencing “update error” and ‘login exception error’.

Moreover, some players also experienced a 2618 error caused due to server overload. However, the 2618 error issue was resolved.

The developers’ response and possible fix

The Tower of Fantasy support team has acknowledged the server maintenance problem and said that they are working to fix it.

A player also shared a potential fix.

The developers of the game responded to a player to check if they have enough storage on their device.

However, the crashing issue is appearing for those who have adequate storage on their device. This means that the game’s developers are still uncertain of the root cause of this problem.

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