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Donald Trump will pardon Julian Assange – Reports

Trump pardon Julian Assange

Officially unconfirmed reports and rumors are circulating that President Trump will pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. It all started when an Australian MP George Christensen called on Donald Trump to pardon WikiLeaks founder and fellow Australian citizen, Julian Assange.

While speaking to Sky News Australian MP said, Assange “has been a target of the Democrats,” adding that his persecution started during Obama’s era. The Australian MP Christensen requested Donald Trump to pardon the whistleblowers, “So I’m hoping that he [President Trump] will pardon Julian Assange. It’s the right thing to do.”

Many users on social media are requesting the President to pardon the Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange, while some also reportedly asked him to pardon Edward Snowden.

Now Twitter is filled with reports that President will pardon Julian Assange before leaving the Oval office.

Users reaction to Julian Assange’s Pardon News

Pastor Mark Burns was the first to report that, “President Trump will pardon Julian Assange.”

Another Twitter user said, “It’s being reported that President Trump is about to Pardon Julian Assange. God Bless the People’s President! #MAGA”

“Snowden told us the government is SPYING ON US and you know what we did? Nothing. Turned our backs on him and said ‘he broke the law’. We the people are the REAL ones in charge and we have every right to know if we are being spied on. Snowden deserves a pardon,” a user wrote on social media site.

A journalist also said, “Whatever happens @realDonaldTrump should break the record for most pardons ever by a President and most importantly he should pardon Julian Assange.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “What message does it send to patriots and brave whistleblowers. If we don’t pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Whistleblowers across this country are watching! If you give the tiger king immunity instead of these patriots you’ve tarnish your presidency. @State0fCorrupt”

Here is another user requesting Assange’s pardon, “Even though we don’t have an official source yet and this is not verified, let’s just keep saying it anyway so @realDonaldTrumpcan see the reaction this is getting. BREAKING – President Trump to pardon Julian Assange.”

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