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Users uncertain about Twitter Blue’s Android and Web release date

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Recently, reports of users confused about the release date of Twitter blue for Android and the Web are floating.

Twitter Blue was introduced last year as a membership service that enables users to ‘unlock’ new features and benefits. Among the changes made by Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk is the Twitter Blue with minor alterations.

For example, members will get a verification checkmark on their accounts, which was formerly only possible following an approval process.

What is the release date of Twitter blue for Android and Web?

Twitter Blue has already been operational in some regions. Although some users are unable to subscribe owing to a ‘not available in your country’ error.

Many users have now been curious about when they will be permitted to use the ‘Twitter Blue authentication checkmark.’ Because the service is already accessible on iOS, there are concerns for both the website and the Android versions.

“Yeah everybody tried to get verified on android but no word as of yet when you can according to Twitter for the foreseeable future even if you bought Twitter blue!” one user posted. 

“Yo, @elonmusk, buddy, pal, When can I get Twitter Blue for android? Release date maybe?,” asked another user.

There are different kinds of verification checkmarks available right now: the legacy check (the standard verification check for accounts of interest) and the new check (exclusive for Twitter Blue subscribers).

Official updates

Twitter Blue is now accessible in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. If you reside outside of certain areas, you will be unable to access the feature.

However, numerous users have reported that, despite living in such areas, they are unable to acquire a subscription to the Android or online version.

This is due to the fact that the new Twitter Blue capabilities are not yet available for certain platforms. As a result, subscriptions to the service are no longer available as of November 9 until the entire subscription is available on those platforms.

Existing Twitter Blue members who signed up via Android or the web can cancel the service at any time. So far, only its availability in India has been confirmed by Musk.


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