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Twitter bug restoring deleted tweets for users

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A bug in Twitter is apparently restoring deleted tweets and retweets for hundreds of users who have no idea about it, and the microblogging platform has yet to admit the problem and issue a fix.

According to The Verge, users are reporting that tweets they mass-deleted are reappearing on their profiles.

James Vincent, a senior Verge reporter, wrote that he deleted all of his tweets earlier this month, just under 5,000 of them, but that Twitter has now restored a handful of old retweets.

“On May 8th, I deleted my tweets (I know the date because I tweeted about it). but when I checked my timeline this morning, twitter had restored some old re-tweets without warning. it’s yet another illustration of twitter’s unpredictable infrastructure,” he stated this in a tweet.

On Mastodon, Richard Morrell, an open-source developer and former CTO/Chairman of SmoothWall, mentioned the same issue.

“Last November, I deleted all my Tweets. Every single one. I then ran Redact and deleted all my likes, my media, and retweets. 38k tweets gone. Woke up today to find 34k of them restored by Twitter, who presumably brought a server farm back up,” he made a post.

According to ZDNet, Morrell reported that over 400 people had told him that their deleted messages had been restored.

He estimated that over a million previously deleted Tweets involving only people in his circles had resurfaced.

People have reported seeing deleted tweets from November 2022 and earlier reappearing.

“I am pretty sure they’ve restored cold storage because all the restored tweets have date-time characteristics,” Morell said.

Twitter had yet to respond to such allegations.

According to a former Twitter site reliability engineer, “This sounds a lot like they moved a bunch of servers between datacenters and didn’t properly adjust the topology before reinserting them into the network, leading to stale data becoming revived.”

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