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Twitter suspends ‘Antifa Leader’ Adam Rahuba’s account after a violent threat

Twitter suspends Antifa Leader account Adam Rahuba

According to recent reports, Twitter has suspended the account of a self-proclaimed Antifa leader, Adam Rahuba. A Twitter OSINT account tweeted, “BREAKING – Twitter suspended the Twitter account of a self-proclaimed “Leader of Antifa” after posting a threat that armed #Antifa will go after conservatives if Trump doesn’t concede by Sunday.”

Twitter suspends Antifa leader, Adam Rahuba’s account

Adam Rahuba, happens to be a former concert promoter. According to reports, he worked part-time as a food-delivery driver and a DJ. He is aged 38 and spent a considerable amount of this year staying at his friend’s house located in a small town located in the northern outskirts of Pittsburg. An investigation conducted by the Washington Post revealed that Rahuba is also the anonymous figure behind a number of social media hoaxes that occurred this year. The most latest of these hoaxes played out in Gettysburg on Independence Day.

During the presidential debate that took place between Biden and Trump on September 29, Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden replied to President Trump’s comments regarding Antifa being a violent organization perpetrating acts of violence. Joe Biden responded by emphasizing that Antifa is simply put an idea and not a violent organization.

Conservative Robby Starbuck immediately jumped into action to clear the situation regarding Antifa. He compiled a video to demonstrate to Joe Biden and his supporters that Antifa is not really an idea, but it happens to be a well-organized, violent domestic terror group.

What is Antifa?

Antifa can be characterized as a left-wing anti-fascist political movement that operates in the United States. It is highly decentralized in nature and includes a variety of autonomous groups. These groups aim to achieve their goals via the use of both nonviolent and violent direct action. These groups do not believe in policy reform bringing about change. Antifa groups are known for spreading violence and violating law and order protocols.

A user tweeted, “Reo’s Ribs, a restaurant in Portland, was destroyed in a fire overnight. It is next to the businesses that were vandalized last week by Antifa. The owner gave an interview where he was critical of that vandalism against his neighbors.”  However, Antifa groups invoke mixed reactions from people. Another user tweeted, “Biden was “declared” the winner, and the riots did not occur.  I never said, and would never say, that Antifa and the other Marxist-anarchist groups were done committing acts of violence or rioting.”

Twitter has allegedly suspended Adam Rahuba’s account for tweeting violent threats. One user tweeted, “Well that’s good… i don’t think terroristic threats should be allowed on Twitter. But that’s just my opinion.” The behavior displayed by the self-proclaimed Antifa leader is in gross violation of community guidelines specified by Twitter.

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