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Twitter to refocus their efforts on user growth and personalization – report

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Twitter is reportedly shifting employees away from audio Spaces, Communities, and newsletters verticals for areas that “will have the greatest positive impact on the public conversation” as it pauses hiring.

According to Bloomberg, the restructuring is being overseen by Jay Sullivan, the new head of product and interim head of revenue.

Twitter CEO Parg Agrawal fired consumer product leader Kayvon Beykpour and head of revenue product Bruce Falck last month, citing a hiring freeze and a pause in spending in most areas.

Under Sullivan’s leadership, the company is refocusing its efforts on user growth and personalization, as Elon Musk has put the $44 billion takeover deal on hold due to the presence of phony accounts on the platform.

“We are making some updates to our consumer product team structure and roadmap to better focus on the areas that will have the greatest positive impact to the public conversation,” a Twitter spokesperson was quoted as saying.

According to Agrawal, the company will also review all extended offers to determine their criticality and those that should be withdrawn.

“We are not planning company-wide layoffs, but leaders will continue making changes to their organizations to improve efficiencies as needed,” Agrawal had said in a memo to employees.

Except for business-critical roles determined by ‘Staff’ members, Twitter has paused most hiring and backfills.

However, as promised, the company is working on the Edit button.

Despite Musk and Agrawal’s ongoing feud, the Twitter board is eager to see the $44 billion takeover deal go through because it is in the “best interests of all shareholders.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that the $44 billion deal at $54.20 per share “cannot move forward” until Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey discloses actual bot numbers.

While Twitter claims to have less than 5% fake/spammy accounts on its platform, Musk believes the figure could be as high as 50% and wants Agrawal to come clean about it.


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