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US Microsoft employees to get ‘unlimited time off’

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Microsoft will provide its employees in the United States with “unlimited time off”, they are no longer required to formally record their vacation.

The new ‘Discretionary Time Off’ policy, according to The Verge, will apply to all employees on the pay role.

“How, when, and where we do our jobs has dramatically changed. And as we’ve transformed, modernizing our vacation policy to a more flexible model was a natural next step,” employees, according to an internal email.

However, hourly workers at the tech behemoth will not have unlimited vacation time, nor will employees based outside of the United States.

The new vacation policy will go into effect on January 16.

According to the report, even new Microsoft employees no longer have to wait to accrue vacation time.

“Microsoft will offer 10 corporate holidays, leaves of absence, sick and mental health time off, and time away for jury duty or bereavement alongside this new unlimited time off policy,” it went on to say.

Those with unused vacation balances will receive a lump sum payment in April.

Workers outside the United States will keep their current vacation benefits due to differences in their respective countries’ laws and regulations.

Other companies, such as Salesforce, Oracle, and Netflix, provide employees with the same unlimited time off policies.

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