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US Navy nuclear submarine damaged after hitting unknown object in South China Sea

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On October 2, a nuclear-powered US Navy fast-attack submarine “struck an object” while underwater in the Indo-Pacific region, according to a statement from the US Pacific Fleet.

The Seawolf-class submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) “remains in a safe and stable condition” and its “nuclear propulsion plant and spaces were not affected and remain fully operational”, the statement said on Thursday.

“The extent of damage to the remainder of the submarine is being assessed. The US Navy has not requested assistance. The incident will be investigated,” Xinhua news agency quoted the statement as saying.

It added “there are no life-threatening injuries” from the accident.

The US Pacific Fleet did not specify where the collision occurred, only that the submarine was damaged.” operating in international waters in the Indo-Pacific region”.

However, according to two officials quoted by the Associated Press, two of the 11 sailors injured suffered “moderate” injuries. They were all treated on board the submarine.

According to those officials, the incident occurred while the submarine was performing routine operations, and the Navy did not make the news public until Thursday in order to maintain operational security.

According to the Associated Press, the object with which the USS Connecticut collided was not another submarine. According to one of the officials cited by the agency, it could have been a sunken vessel or container, or another unidentified object.

According to the Navy Times, the ship had to transit at sea and is scheduled to arrive in Guam on Thursday.

Connecticut is one of the US Navy’s three Seawolf-class submarines, according to USNI News, and is one of the most capable and sensitive attack submarines.

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