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User-generated content – where to get it for free

Pictures, videos, and other materials created by ordinary users often appear on websites and on social networks. This helps to promote the brand in sometimes more influential ways than professionally shoot commercials. What is it, and where can I get it? This authentic content made by the brand’s people may include reviews, comments, and impressions that somebody shares on private accounts.

Why do you need others’ content and where to find it?

The use of this type of materials is beneficial to both the business and exploiters. The enterprises get a tremendous quantity of new visions and exceptional materials that could take them many awake nights to develop. In addition, it does not demand serious financial investing. The easiest way to do it is to borrow it from social systems, for example, download Instagram live videos.

Today, there are many methods to download other people’s publications from public accounts. For example, the free online service Inflact allows you to save videos from Instagram without limitations and the risk of losing personal data. You can download everything you require in original quality.

Unlike traditional advertising runs which focus on direct sales, the content generated by ordinary people is honest and sincere. In any case, typically it looks like they are not trying to sell anything. And the invention allows persons to cooperate with their favored influencer or company, express their identity in a creative way, receive different payoffs and deals for this, and sometimes introduce transformations in the enterprise.

Some advantages of user materials

Let’s bear a nearer glance at what benefits can be acquired by employing people-made content:

  • Audience trust in the business. One of the significant dividends is genuine trust from people. When you demonstrate that you are interested in others’ opinions, views, emotions, exhibit frankness and care, you will encourage great confidence in people.
  •  Reach new audiences. And when particular groups begin to form loyalty to the company, others most likely will be involved as well in this organization. People like to draw on other people’s experiences, which is why social proof works very well.
  • Boost reach. Usually, such publications scatter around the network at the speed of light, because they look real, not staged.
  • A positive outcome on search optimization. New unique materials help to rank the site in search engines and have a positive effect on statistics.
  • Encouraging to buy. The biggest challenge for trademarks is pushing one to purchase. According to recent polls, over 55% confirmed that user-generated content affects the buying determination in the most sincere form.

About half of millennials rely on ordinary people’s opinions more than orthodox media. 35% rated it as the most unforgettable. Social proof allows you to increase the degree of trust in the company. People see that the product or service is really useful. The false is always obvious. Therefore, real non-fake reviews are very important.

What to share on your Instagram

Here are the major classes of the content generated by people that you can see on the Internet:

1. Comments on the company website or social pages. If people leave reviews, it shows that they are impassioned about your job and have something to say in return. People share their experiences, which can be useful to other site callers.

2. Testimonials work great when it comes to sales. You can facilitate in every possible way – for example, offer a deal on the next purchase and other rewards.

3. Reviews are more straightforward and contain a large evidence base. You can ask clients to make a video examination, take photos, write a verse or a song about your brand, etc. Don’t forget to provide a gift to thank for creativity.

4. Designs and drawings. Another excellent method to draw new consumers to your label is to run a contest to create the best illustration. This attracts numerous innovative individuals to the brand and motivates brand fans to do new activities. This is very beneficial for the company since it does not need to spend money on expensive designers.

5. Photos are the most shared kinds of content. Therefore, it is very beneficial to use them as a custom one. A great illustration is the “Share a Coke” ad campaign. Coca-Cola came up with a brilliant idea to personalize each bottle, indicating on the labels all kinds of names, nicknames, and phrases from which to build sentences. People took selfies with “their” bottle and communicated pics on their Instagram accounts with the #shareacoke hashtag. Some used this option to wish a happy birthday or propose.

6. Video is a widespread sort of communication. You can invite your clients to make a creative video recording, perform a stunt, capture a moment in their life, a video about the company itself, or come up with another unusual task for your audience. If you decide to organize a contest, do not forget to tell us about the rules for selecting the best videos and the prize for the winner.

As you can see, utilizing content generated by others is more than simple. The effort required on your part is minimal and the amount of content you get can be very impressive. Producing original quality content takes a lot of time, money, and action, and not all brands can afford it. That’s why UGC is so advantageous – it can save a lot of cash and, without making much effort, get a lot of new unusual ideas.


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