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Users ask to disable Google search widgets that won’t turn off

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Multiple users are experiencing an issue with the updated Google search widgets where it won’t turn off for them. 

Reports of users requesting Google to turn off search widgets option

Google search engine had a clean and sleek look with only a blank page with a Google search field and an ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button. However, it now shows five new widgets at the bottom of the search page. 

The search widget options are fairly new and they were in the beta phase at the start of this year. Recently, Google released the feature on a wider scale and it started showing up for many people.

Users preferred the simpler look of the Google Search page. The additional widgets did not impress them. Most said they wanted Google to revert back to the old search page.

“I want to remove the stupid widgets from but don’t see anything as to how. I don’t want Google telling me what I should watch or what other people are searching and it’s honestly really annoying. And to clarify, this is on my desktop, not my phone,” one user posted. 

“So, recently there’s been a bunch of little widgets added at the bottom of the Google homepage like weather, news, what to watch, and others like that. How do I get rid of it? I’m using Firefox as my browser if it means anything,” posted another. 

Users took it to Google’s Search Help forum to ask others for a solution and share their confusion or annoyance.

“Widgets just appeared on my Google Home Page and the frequently visited icons are gone. Didn’t mean to click on the check out the new thing and can’t find a way back,” a user posted.


In the preliminary testing stage, Google gave users an option to turn off these widgets. However, with the official rollout, Google Search users were annoyed with no disable option of the additional widgets. 

Official statement of Google 

Google has been quick to acknowledge users’ complaints. According to a Google Diamond Product Expert, their team is investigating the issue. But there is still no ETA for the infamous feature.


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