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Users criticise 1Password’s ‘Your password is required every 2 weeks’ feature

1Password Your password is required every 2 weeks
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Internet users are always searching for ways to make their lives hassle-free. 1Password is a password management service that stores passwords and sensitive data of users in a safe place. While it has been designed to make work easier, the service is doing the opposite. 1Password users complained about ‘Your password is required every 2 weeks’ feature.

Last week, users took to Reddit to complain about the ‘Your password is required every 2 weeks’ security feature. The requirement urges the users to enter their master password after every 2 weeks to continue their access. This feature was criticized and considered unnecessary by many users.

People using the service find it frustrating and rather ironic to re-enter the password on a system created to prevent the same practice. “It ruins the whole purpose of having a password manager,” said one user.

The Master Password feature has become an annoyance for all customers irrespective of their device types. It is even more strange that the security requirement also pops up for users with fingerprint biometric verification configuration.

This is the reason why a lot of 1Password users have requested that the ‘Your password is required every 2 weeks’ requirement be abolished or made compulsory.

“As I’m already using the biometric, this is a security overkill annoyance and meanwhile, the rest of the world is moving to password-less authentication,” a user posted on Reddit.

After complaints from dissatisfied and angry users, a support team member of 1Password responded to the reports. The support member said the company is doing some brainstorming and weighing its options.

“We have to balance convenience with the reality that if we change this requirement or extend the limit, some customers may not be able to remember their passwords and eventually be locked out of their data,” an official tweet posted on Friday read.

The company said that it will observe the repeated issue of password requirements and make the necessary changes to improve the service.

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