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Viral Video: Boy Puts Mask On Dog Before Putting One On Himself In Ecuador

ecuador video boy puts mask dog

A viral video has emerged showing a young boy putting a face mask on his dog before wearing one on himself in Ecuador.

Safety seems important for a boy named Anthony Hernandez as he puts the mask on his dog and himself before a bike ride.

The video has gone viral, as many users on social media are showing their love for the actions of the boy in the video.

One user on Reddit said, “The way the boy checks the dog out to make sure that he’ll be okay before he starts riding is too pure. You can tell they have an amazing friendship.”

Another one on Twitter said, “Ahhhh, a dog and his boy. 🙂 Love & trust! This is one of the sweetest short videos I’ve ever seen. Thank you Mr. Afshar! RT @ValaAfshar: Watching this young boy put a mask on his dog before a bike ride gives me hope about our future.”

One more commented, “What a way to prevent #coronavirus, a young boy puts a mask on his dog and then one for himself. If we all follow Government guidelines #COVID19 pandemic will end.”

Video of boy putting the mask on his dog before putting it on himself in Ecuador:

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