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VIDEO: Explosion and fire at Hoover Dam in Nevada [UPDATE]

video explosion hoover dam
Image: Video Screenshot

UPDATE: Local authorities said, fire at Hoover Dam was extinguished before Boulder City Fire Department arrived on scene.

Local officials and witnesses reported an explosion and fire at the Hoover Dam in Nevada on Tuesday.

Visitors to the dam reported seeing an explosion and fire at the dam’s lower section. One of the visitors recorded the video of the explosion at the dam.

Just before 10:30 a.m., video showed billowing black smoke rising from the dam.

The Boulder City Fire Department is on its way to Hoover Dam for an emergency. At this time, no additional information is available.

The dam is located about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas on the Arizona-Nevada border.

According to 8NewsNow, the dam has 17 main turbines, nine on the Arizona wing and eight on the Nevada wing. The dam’s generators supply electricity to Nevada, Arizona, and California.


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