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Video: Lion spotted on outskirts of Rawalpindi in Pakistan

A source from Pakistan sent Insider Paper video footage that instilled considerable panic in people. The video shows a lion roaming around in Khanpur, Pakistan. Khanpur is located on the outskirts of Rawalpindi. The video was captured on October 20 after which the news of the lion made rounds on social media as people cautioned their friends and family to stay safe. According to our source, the lion was also spotted in multiple areas of Khanpur by the locals.

Video shows a lion roaming in Khanpur, Pakistan

Khanpur is a small village located in the suburbs of Rawalpindi, the village is surrounded by a wild forest.“It was seen by residents in Tarnawa and other areas in Khanpur,” said our source.

Local people have also cautioned each other to exercise due care as there are accounts that say the lion was spotted close to houses. No statement has been given by any authorities yet. People are demanding that the lion should be caught as soon as possible because it is a potential danger to their lives. The lion could attack children and adults in open parks.

According to the residents who reside in Khanpur, the lion has attacked livestock in the area. The lion is also known for injuring pet dogs kept by farmers. Farmers in the village keep dogs to protect fields from grazing goats. After we posted the video, a local media house reported, “Lion roams streets of Rawalpindi suburb RAWALPINDI: In a horrifying incident, a lion is seen roaming freely on streets in a suburb village of Rawalpindi during a video captured on Tuesday, causing fear and panic among the residents.”

It is speculated that the lion escaped a zoo. This serves as an important reminder that animals are not meant to be kept caged up in a zoo, especially wild animals. These animals should be allowed to roam free in their natural habitats. The worldwide movement aimed at abolishing zoo’s is gaining momentum. No living creature deserves a caged life.

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