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Video of courier drivers under attack by armed robbers

The robbery incident involving a courier Land Cruiser reportedly happened in South Africa. The video shows the interior of a vehicle with two men. Suddenly there are loud popping noises and the side windows are getting hit with bullets. The windows look like they are made from bulletproof glass, which is a good thing because otherwise, these guys would be dead. The courier van driver keeps busy trying to evade the car with the robbers, who keep ramming the vehicle. His partner grabs a rifle and hands a pistol to the driver.

More pops, more window damage, more ramming, but in the end, it looks like the driver and his partner will live to tell this story to their friends.

According a Reddit user, “It was an attempt to hit a courier carrying phones. White ranger was hitting the courier. White Audi attacked the land cruiser. He rammed both cars but then got stuck ramming the Audi over a bollard. The Audi reversed after the first turn around on the highway and he tried to drive over them. But missed. No phones stolen. All bad guys ran away. No injuries. Land cruiser a bit sore.”

The poster, who shared the video from a WhatsApp group, said the Land Cruiser was carrying phones, which was the target of the attempted heist. He said it got stuck attempting to ram the sedan over a bollard; after the guards got out the sedan tried to run them over but missed, before fleeing the scene.

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