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VIDEO: Protesters chant ‘Arrest Bill Gates’ outside Downing Street ahead of Boris Johnson’s Dinner

Arrest Bill Gates downing street
Image: Video Screenshot

On Monday evening, dozens of protesters blocked the entrance to Downing Street as Prime Minister Boris Johnson invited 20 of the world’s most influential business figures, including Bill Gates and JPMorgan Chase & Co Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon to promote Britain’s interests internationally.

However, angry protesters, outside Downing street in London, chanted “arrest Bill Gates,” with some holding anti-vaccine signs aimed at the Microsoft founder. Video showed the enraged crowd slamming into an incoming car while trying to peer through the tinted windows to see who was inside, with police quickly setting up a cordon and fighting off the protesters. It’s not known yet that who was inside the car.

Video of the protesters chanting arrest Bill Gates outside Downing Street

Other notable guests, invited to dinner, include Larry Fink, the billionaire CEO of the investment firm BlackRock; Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO of the private equity firm Blackstone; Ana Botn, the chair of Santander; Philip Jansen, the CEO of BT; and Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary.

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