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Viral Video Shows A Huge Spider Eating Bird

The internet is horrified after watching a viral video of a huge black dirty spider eating a bird. The video was originally posted by a Reddit user on the forum. The viral video shows a giant hairy spider with shiny black eyes hanging from a wooden beam, the spider is seen holding the entire body of the innocent bird in its front legs.

Viral video shows a huge spider eating a bird

According to the Daily Mail, the Reddit user who shared the footage initially misidentified the spider as a Goliath bird eater, which is the largest spider in the world. The spider in this video is actually believed to be a pink toe tarantula. The cute name does not suit the dirty big spider at all. The spider seems to be the size of a kitten, apparent from how it viciously devours the bird.

Needless to say, none of the social media users found the footage even mildly amusing. After being posted on a Reddit forum, the frightening video was shared on the popular Twitter account ‘The Dark Side of Nature’ earlier this month. The video has gained thousands of likes, shares and comments. We can guarantee that seeing the footage will give you goosebumps!

Most people have seen small-sized spiders roaming around their attics and basements, even the smaller ones look extremely creepy so you can imagine the response this kitten sized spider received. “Surely this can’t be real?! If it is I’m never going into my shed again,” a user commented after watching the video. From personal experience, this short video is much more terrifying than any horror movie.

Pink toe tarantula is neither pink nor cute

Jason Dunlop, from the Museum of Natural History at the Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Research in Germany revealed to Newsweek that the spider appears to be a pink toe tarantula (Avicularia avicularia), “or at least something closely related.” However, the spider seems nowhere near to pink in color.  He further said that spiders of this specie do not usually eat birds but there are always exceptions to each specie.

Dunlop said, “I suspect the tarantula would have chewed up what it can. It basically regurgitates digestive juices on to the prey and then sucks the liquified remains back in. Whatever was left-bones, feathers-would simply be discarded.” Pink toe tarantulas are found in abundance in the regions of South Africa. They are extremely active predators who reside on trees. They hide beneath branches to devour small mammals and rodents who roam in their amidst.

Despite being extremely frightening, the viral video continues to attract more social media traffic. “Oh my god …..prayers for the homeowners where these spiders have made their home,” one user wrote, while another wrote: “Really scary. The black predator giving a chill. Beware of these creatures nesting in living areas.”

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