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Want to join Bluesky? How to get the invite code

Want to join Bluesky? Here's how to get the invite code

Do you want to know how to get the invite code for Bluesky? It’s a decentralized Twitter alternative that currently lacks a direct messaging feature and has limited access.

Bluesky was launched in late February and initially made available on iOS. It has now been released on Android as well.

Limitations of Bluesky: No direct messaging feature and limited access

The platform has some limitations that may prevent users from finding people they follow on other social media platforms due to limited access.

Additionally, the app does not include a direct messaging feature. Although Bluesky is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, creating an account may not be easy.

“Anybody have a spare @bluesky invite I could pass along to a friend? I got one for myself (my screen name here dot bsky dot social), but they haven’t given me any invites yet,” said one user.

“Bluesky is still invite-only because no one is on there and they’re trying to use fomo as a growth hack you goobers,” said another person.

Users are required to join a waiting list, which could potentially be lengthy, and there is no clear indication of when access will be granted. Alternatively, users can obtain an invite code from early adopters of the app, although this may not provide faster access.

Many users have turned to Twitter to request invite codes, but it remains unclear where these codes can be obtained from. Various reports have highlighted these issues with Bluesky.

Here’s how to get the invite code to Bluesky

Bluesky has received positive feedback from its current users, despite having somewhat unusual data collection policies. If you’re interested in joining the newest social media platform, Bluesky, then you’ll need an invite code to gain access. However, obtaining a Bluesky invite code can be a challenging task as there is no straightforward method to obtain one.

But here are a few ways how you can obtain an invite code and start exploring this innovative approach to social media.

Join the waitlist

An option to acquire invite codes for the Bluesky social website is to join the waiting list to try the beta before it’s publicly available.

All you have to do is submit your email address and patiently wait for the codes to be sent to you.

Bluesky social twitter alternative

Once you have completed the sign-up process and received a confirmation message that reads “Your email has been saved! We’ll be in touch soon,” you will become a priority recipient of Bluesky invite codes.

Getting Bluesky invite codes from current users

An alternative method to obtain invite codes for Bluesky is to get them from current platform users. Current users receive one code per week to distribute to whomever they choose. While this approach may not be as effective since existing Bluesky users likely have many friends already requesting codes, it is another method to gain access.

This can be accomplished by searching for Bluesky subscribers who are sharing invite codes on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

However, it is important to be cautious of individuals posing as sellers who may be attempting to scam users. It is advisable to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of such claims before proceeding.

Reports indicate that some people are exploiting the demand for invite codes and claiming to sell them.

Obtaining Bluesky invite codes from subreddit communities +eBay

Another option is to search on social media platforms for someone willing to share their code with you. You can monitor the r/blueskyinvites subreddit, where Bluesky enthusiasts can share invite codes.

Reddit’s owner claimed that more than 500 people have hopped on the ‘pay-it-forward’ train, and the entry fee is $49. The community itself has a whopping 7000+ members, but not everyone’s up for shelling out that kind of cash.

However, the owner, who’s asking for $49 to join the Bluesky invite train, set up an AutoModerator message telling people not to buy Bluesky invite codes. I mean, the very person asking for money is warning folks against buying what they’re selling.

On eBay, it’s a whole other story. In the past few months, Bluesky invites have sold up to $400! Although the legitimacy of these purchases is uncertain. Recent eBay sales range between $20-30, less costly than the cost of entry to the pay-it-forward Reddit train.

Moreover, a YouTuber named Tech Surgeon has also been offering free Bluesky invite codes and has a guide on how to use them.

How to get the invite code Bluesky

It is important to note that this method does not guarantee immediate access to Bluesky invite codes. It may take some time for a Bluesky user to add an invite link, so patience is required.

To use a Bluesky Invite Code, follow these easy steps:

  • Visit the staging app website.
  • Create a new account.
  • Input the link for the hosting provider.
  • Enter your given invite code.
  • Select a username or user handle.
  • Congratulations! You’re now ready to use Bluesky.

How to get the invite code Bluesky

Wait for the code to arrive

Your last option is to patiently keep an eye on your inbox until you receive an invitation. Unfortunately, waiting for an invite from the waitlist is presently the only reliable method to gain access. It may not be enjoyable, but it is the only option available unless you have a connection to expedite the process.

Bluesky’s Resemblance to Twitter

According to users, Bluesky has a striking resemblance to Twitter, in terms of its interface and user experience. It adopts a chronological timeline of the accounts you follow, with the option to switch to an algorithmic feed that displays popular posts or “skeets,” as early users have named them.

However, Bluesky does not currently offer all the features of Twitter, such as direct messaging or video support. Despite this, the interface closely mirrors that of Twitter.

Tips to get a free Bluesky invite code

If you’re on the hunt for a Bluesky invite code online, remember to be friendly and polite. Right now, these codes are being shared on a personal level. There’s no platform where you can just sign up and get a free code or anything like that. Instead, users are sharing them among themselves. So, asking nicely goes a long way.

Now, if you happen to come across someone who might have a code, we suggest mentioning that you’re willing to pay it forward. Basically, you’re making a promise that once you receive your code, you’ll pass it on to someone else to return the favor. It’s all about keeping the cycle of generosity going.

Where and how to download Bluesky

In the past, Bluesky could only be downloaded through invitation, but it is now accessible on Android and iOS. Despite being in its early stages and undergoing Beta testing, users can monitor the project’s advancement through the Bluesky website, GitHub repository, and official Twitter accounts.

As Bluesky continues to develop and evolve, it will be fascinating to see how it fares against established social media giants. Join the latest social media craze and experience a platform that empowers you by obtaining a Bluesky invite code today.

Bluesky halts user signups

A demand in traffic has led to the disruptions in the platform. Bluesky posted an update that it will be pausing user signups for sometime as the team is solving some performance issues. As a result, invite codes might not work for the time being.

This article was updated with latest information on July 3, 2023.


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