What Are the Damages Available in a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit in Dallas?

'Predator' ex-gynecologist in New York gets 20 years for sex abuse
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Sexual abuse is an increasingly common crime that ruins the victims’ lives. With no limit to age or place, abusers attack their victims, leaving them with a lifetime of trauma and mental health issues. These issues require intense therapy and time just to manage. Which takes control of a victim’s daily life activities. Taking a stand against these abusers can be difficult, can trigger old memories, and result in overwhelming feelings of blame and anger. However, demanding justice will benefit you and your loved ones and help other victims speak up regarding their experiences.

Sexual Abuse in Law

Under Texas and federal law, sexual abuse is not limited to physical assault, sexual harassment, or rape. If an individual must hear derogatory remarks about their gender or unwanted sexual advances are being made towards them, it is considered sexual abuse. A co-worker unnecessarily touching you or passing inappropriate comments will be considered sexual abuse. Victims need to understand these signs and laws so they can act. Understanding which behaviors are appropriate can save them a lifetime of problems.

Suing For Sexual Abuse

When you contact a Dallas sexual assault lawyer, they will initially file a lawsuit for criminal charges under personal injury. These lawsuits are more likely to give you justice since they do not require hefty evidence. It only requires proof that the defendant is expected to be an abuser. You must provide testimony before the jury and gather relevant witnesses such as medical professionals or parents. Personal injury cases in civil court rarely lead to jail time, but the abuser must provide compensation for physical, mental, and emotional harm.

In cases of child sexual abuse by priests, teachers, or caretakers, you can individually charge the organization they work for. Similarly, suppose sexual abuse takes place in the work environment. In that case, you can sue the company where the abuser works for inability to provide supervision, screen employees before hiring, or delay sharing information regarding certain employees’ criminal histories.

What Compensation Is Provided for Sexual Abuse or Assault?

Financial compensation can never fulfill the loss experienced due to sexual abuse. While it might seem insensitive, monetary compensation aims to ensure that the victim feels whole again and isn’t haunted by the events that took place. Research shows that individuals who experience sexual abuse suffer from mental and psychological distress. Some even develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and anxiety. You can seek compensation for any medical costs, therapy expenses, and emotional pain that resulted from sexual abuse.

Victims of sexual abuse constantly feel insecure in their environments, which prevents them from carrying on with everyday life. They cannot cope with work or daily activities, which can lead to wage loss and inability to pay for necessities. In this case, you can seek compensation for wage loss, loss of social status, loss of companionship, and reduced quality of life. Moreover, you can also demand compensation for punitive damages, which is that the abuser will be obliged to pay for their negligence as a form of punishment.


While the pursuit of justice for sexual abuse may seem overwhelming, it is a vital step towards healing and reclaiming your life. Monetary compensation may not fully alleviate the pain, but it serves as a symbol of acknowledgment and provides a measure of closure. By taking this step, you assert your right to be heard, hold the perpetrator accountable, and contribute to a larger societal change. Surrounding yourself with a supportive network and seeking professional assistance will help you navigate the legal process and address the emotional aftermath of abuse. Remember, you deserve to live a life free from pain, and seeking justice can be a significant step toward achieving that goal.


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