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Bitcoin a dud in El Salvador, first country to make it legal tender
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Bitcoin is a pioneer of the crypto market. It was the original coin that has made a great revolution and is still a leader with the biggest market capitalization. But it isn’t the only coin that is worth buying in 2021. There are many cryptocurrencies that have a good potential to grow. One of them is Binance Coin or BNB. Many traders can’t decide which one to invest in: Bitcoin or BNB?

Today, you can convert BNB to Bitcoin or vice versa BTC to BNB in less than a minute. For this, you can go to a user-friendly LetsExchange platform and make a few simple steps to get coins at the best rate. Take into account that you need to check the situation with each coin in real-time mode to be aware of all the changes in the crypto market. First, you need to learn the differences coins have to make the right decision on which one you should buy in the upcoming year.

Main Differences Between Bitcoin and BNB

Bitcoin appeared in 2009 and attracted the attention of forward-thinking investors. BTC has changed the whole world of finance and become an alternative payment method for different transactions.

What about BNB? Binance Coin was made on the Binance crypto exchange. Originally, it was designed on the ETH blockchain. In 2017, the coin migrated to the decentralized exchange’s own network – Binance Chain. The exchange is well-known as the largest one if to talk about the trading volume. Over 1 mln transactions are processed there every second. BNB has become a medium for exchange on the Binance network.

Here are some important things to consider when you compare BTC and BNB:

  • One of the main differences between BTC and BNB is the way how transactions are handled. BNB can boast 3 seconds block creation time while BTC can do the same job within 10 minutes.
  • The maximum supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21 mln coins. The maximum supply of BNB is over 168 mln coins.
  • Price: BTC has experienced a great rise since its appearance in the finance market. It’s over $59,000 now. Binance Coin is about $574, which is impressive growth as well. According to the predictions of the Economy Forecast Agency, the price for BTC will hold onto its current price and even continue to grow. Those who consider this price range to be expensive for them now can consider getting ETH as the Electroneum price is affordable for everyone. Its developers say that it is the first public crypto that every trader can get easily.

When you choose between BTC and BNB, you should remember that they have different infrastructures. Some don’t think that BTC and BNB are competitors but the
Binance Coin has a big surge in price. It’s big in terms of percentage which is an important factor for crypto investors.

Many analysts think that you won’t regret it if you invest in the Binance coin this year as you can expect a steady price growth. The potential of this coin is on its initial stage while the success of the leading BTC is experiencing a more impressive success. Smart forward-thinking investors would recommend you to invest in both Binance Coin and Bitcoin as it’s hard to say which investment is the best one this year.


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