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What is the best way to scan the books?

Aura Pro portable book scanner

The Great Library of Alexandria, located in Alexandria (Egypt), was arguably the largest in the ancient world. This library was so significant that it housed over 500,000 papyrus scrolls. During the civil war in 48 BC, this library was burned down, resulting in the loss of many important books. Today, book scanning has eliminated this type of issue and many more. Book scanning is a modern method that helps to digitize your books, preventing you from losing your important books to fire or many natural disasters. It provides you with a better option to use your books for the long term. In the rest of this post, you’ll better understand why book scanning matters and why choosing a portable book scanner like CZUR Aura Pro is one of the best decisions for you.

Why need a scanner?

There are many reasons you need to consider a scanner today. Let’s quickly check them out below:

  • Digitize your books for easy reading

One great benefit of book scanning in today’s world is that it helps to digitize books. Digitization is essential to protect your books from loss to fire, damage, and theft.

  • Book restoration

Have you unintentionally damaged your books with no hope of getting them back? If yes, book scanning is an effective way to revive these books, making them readable again.

  • Book storage

Another good thing about book scanning is that it can always provide you with a better option to store your books for long-term use.

  • Traveling

We’re sure you understand the stress that comes with traveling with heavy books. One way to address this issue is by digitizing the books with the right book scanners. This way, you can always travel easily without passing through the stress of lifting many books.

The advancement in technology has brought about the improvement in the way people scan their books today. Manufacturers are now releasing portable book scanners. These scanners don’t only deliver an easy way to scan books. In addition, they also deliver a faster way to scan.

The CZUR Aura Pro portable scanner is a perfect choice for people looking to enjoy an easy and fast way to scan books for various purposes:

How to use the CZUR Aura Pro?

Aura Pro, released by CZUR, is an award-winning foldable and portable book scanner. This product packs tons of modern features that let you easily scan your books, documents, photos, and other items. Interestingly, the CZUR Aura Pro smart scanner is pretty straightforward to use. Here’s a simple guide on how to use this product without stress:

1. Step 1: Quick setup

After unpacking the scanner and its accessories, the first thing you need is to plug in the scanner. After that, you need to get the user manual and follow a couple of simple steps to turn on the device.

The CZUR Aura Pro has a CD that you need to install on your device. If your computer lacks a CD-ROM, you can always visit CZUR’s official website to download and install the latest Aura Pro software.

2. Step 2: Scanning

Once you have the Aura Pro software installed on your device, you can begin scanning your document as you want.

  • First, you need to connect the smart portable scanner to your computer using the USB cable.
  • After that, you need to hold down the scanner’s power button to turn on the device. To use the portable scanner, you need to press the button one more time to switch from the light mode to the scanning mode.
  • Next, get the black work mat and lay it down, right in front of the portable scanner. After that, place your book on the mat and then use the scanner’s screen to position it accordingly.
  • For you to enjoy hands-free scanning, consider connecting the foot pedal and placing it on the floor. You’ll find the foot pedal handy when using the yellow finger cots to hold book pages down.
  • Once everything is set up, all you need is to start the scan by pressing the foot pedal. You can also use the installed software on your device to initiate the scanning process.

That’s all about using CZUR’s Aura Pro portable scanner to scan your books. After the scanning process, you can use the installed software to perform a couple of corrections on the scanned book pages. The software will allow you to crop the scanned pages and adjust them accordingly. It’ll also allow you to convert them into various book formats.

Czur's portable book scanner

You can check this video for more information on how to use the CZUR Aura Pro scanner and its software.

Features of Aura Pro

CZUR Aura Pro is a portable book scanner. The foldable scanner is designed to deliver multiple functions.

  • Scan any book type quickly

First, this device can scan any book or object, which is up to the size of A3.

One interesting thing about the Aura Pro portable scanner is that it scans books and other documents pretty fast. To be precise, this smart scanner can always deliver scanning at a speed of 2 seconds per page and can achieve Auto Scan (Page Turning Detecting).


  • Design

Aura Pro portable book scanner

In terms of appearance, the CZUR Aura Pro scanner has a versatile and compact design. Its overhead arms can always fold back against its body. This design makes it possible to travel with the Aura Pro scanner on a long trip.

  • Patented curve flattening technology

Aura Pro

One highlighting feature of Aura Pro is that it comes with a patented curve flattening technology. This technology makes it possible for the device to flatten and make corrections on any curve distortion of the books you’re scanning.

  • Adjustable brightness

Furthermore, the CZUR Aura Pro portable scanner has adjustable brightness. This device can always light up to 4 levels in your environment. This is perfect, especially if you’re looking to scan books in a dark environment.

  • Dual functions

Another interesting thing about the CZUR Aura Pro book scanner is that it’s designed to perform a dual function. You already know about its scanning function. Another thing you need to know about is its lamp function.

This scanner comes with anti-reflective technology. On the side of the scanner is an extra light source. This prevents reflections from the environment from disturbing you during the scanning process. It does that by providing high-quality light that features low optical flicker and low glare. These offerings help to reduce eye strain as much as possible.

  • Built-in ABBYY OCR system

Last, the Aura Pro portable book scanner comes with a built-in ABBYY OCR system. This is an optical character AI recognition app that allows you to create searchable editable Words and PDFs in various languages. Interestingly, this system is designed to recognize over 180 different languages from around the world.

Why choose the CZUR Aura Pro book scanner?

There are tons of reasons you should pick the Aura Pro scanner as your favorite book/document scanner. This scanner stands out from others in many ways.

  • First, it uses modern and unique features. For instance, its patented curve flattening technology is one of a kind; you’ll certainly find it handy for any large-scale scanning projects.
  • In terms of speed, only a few scanners out there come close to the Aura Pro portable scanner. You’ll certainly find it helpful for scanning big textbooks in digital format for digital storage.
  • Furthermore, when compared to other scanners out there, the Aura Pro portable scanner sells at a very cheap price. With as little as $289, you can always get this premium scanning product on CZUR’s Shop.
  • Another reason you need to consider the Aura Pro scanner is because of its design. The scanner is very portable. You can always fold it and travel with it on a long trip.
  • That’s not all; the Aura Pro portable book scanner also comes with a black work mat. This offering makes it easy for you to find the edges of the book you’re scanning quickly.


In today’s world, the importance of using the right book scanner can’t be over-stressed. Modern scanners, such as CZUR Aura Pro, come with tons of the latest technologies and features to deliver you a better scanning experience.

You really don’t have to spend forever adjusting the scanner just to scan a page of your document or books. The right modern scanners will allow you to do all these within a couple of seconds. With CZUR Aura Pro, you’ll get to scan your books quickly, digitizing them for your need.

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