What is the significance of Biodiversity?

Biodiversity helps to change all flora and fauna in a safe and healthier position by natural resources. The main role is to provide evergreen plants to people’s lives. Biodiversity is very useful for people in various ways such as energy, clean water, medicines, food, nutrients, shelter, etc for wealth and health development. It is the essential element for human life, food maintenance, climate change, and natural inheritance and further supports species.  The government of Dominica has approved the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa to be developed by Vital Developers Limited in Dominica. Alexander V Berenstain, manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ praised the partnership with Vital Developers Limited to manage this beautiful project which will fuse luxury and eco-tourism experience. The development of this highly awaited eco resort will maintain the original flora and fauna in the area of the site.


Biodiversity brings more richness to nutrition development. Nutrition in turn helps the species in the ocean, crops, and animals.  Biodiversity is important to human nutrition as well. Which is also known as the collision of nourishment production on human resources. If limited aqua water, and diets maintaining healthy foods will raise high-level diversity due to that the minerals may change accordingly.

Climate Change and Health

Climate change has effects on humans, animals and plant life around the globe. The increase in changing weather patterns can affect food production as well as habitats. It has been noted that pollution of the air and increased heat (drought) not only causes an upset in food production but can also bring on illness and disease that may be new to some or worsen existing cases.

Floods, cyclones and Wastes

Flood and cyclones are becoming more frequent in some parts of the world as a result of the negative impact of climate change. Excessive rains from storms and hurricanes are known to impact heavily on human life as well as plant and animal lives. The disruption of human lives and displacement of animals from their habitat are just some of the destruction that floods and cyclones leave behind. The economic impact of these disasters from loss of infrastructure, homes, communication, and other services can be astronomical on society.  Proper disposal of wastes after floods and cyclones is crucial so as to prevent further deterioration of human health and to conserve already fragile biodiversity.

Sustainable Farming

People are progressing finding ways and means to improve and preserve their environment and also provide healthy sources of nutrition.  The need for good practices with the ultimate goal of protecting the environment, the Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ Manger Alexander V Berenstina has seen the need to gravitate to the promotion of sustainable farming. Sanctuary rainforest eco resort and Spa upon completion will provide the

The goods and services of the ecosystem will maintain food stability and healthy freshwater conservation for the people. It supports the population to farm, provides cooking energy, agricultural development, income opportunities, and accessibility for the development of sustainable food systems. Maintaining food security is a big challenge and would be the most useful one. Dominica has approved the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa to be developed by Vital Developers Limited in Dominica to learn about sustainable environment which has been handled by the Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ Manger.

Alexander V Berenstina

Natural health & well-being

With the increase need to find balance between good physical health and good mental health, as well as safe environments to live in, Vital Developers Limited under Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ provides the answer in the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort. The aim of the eco resort is to provide a great location to relax and enjoy nature. Facilities for yoga and other exercise areas are part of the design of Vital Developers LTD. Although nothing beat doing physical activities out in nature, all guests are catered to. The aim of Vital Developers Limited is to give guests the most luxurious vacation whilst enjoying the best of nature.


The manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ with Alexander V Berenstain and Vital Developers Limited understands the importance of maintaining the balance in the biodiversity of Dominica and aim to provide an eco-resort like no other on island. The need to protect the natural environment and is always at the forefront with this project. The goal is to preserve the environment and improve human life through employment, healthy food options, yoga retreats and more.


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