What To Do If We Encounter Netflix Incognito Mode Error – Quick Tips

Netflix is one of the most advanced streaming services, but many users report various error messages. You cannot continue streaming your favorite content on Netflix when this error code pops up.

Other users have also reported experiencing this error message and the m7111-1331-5059 error code when using a VPN and watching Netflix in incognito mode. However, here’s how to fix Netflix error code: m7111-1331-5059, which occurs when using a VPN.

The incognito mode error on Netflix displays the m7399-1260-00000024 code and the message “Whoops, something went wrong, incognito mode error.” This error message tells you that you’re accessing the streaming platform with the browser in incognito mode.

Imagine you’re smack in the middle of an entertaining show or film, while relaxing on your bed, the video stops abruptly, and an error message is displayed on the screen. You try relaunching the Netflix app or restarting your browser, but nothing seems to work.

Sucks, right? You need to find a way to fix this error, and that’s why we’ve created this blog to help you fix the Netflix Incognito Mode error.

How to Fix the Netflix Incognito Mode Error

As we’ve seen, the incognito mode error on Netflix or error code m7399-1260-00000024 shows up when you’re using Netflix with the browser incognito mode.

Other browsers refer to this mode as ‘Guest Mode,’ which means the browser isn’t keeping records of your browsing history. The process of not recording your browsing history can sometimes conflict with Netflix leading to this error.

But why does this error show up, and Netflix doesn’t have an issue with users accessing the platform in incognito mode? The streaming service doesn’t offer a sufficient answer to this query, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. Here are a few solutions to try depending on your operating system.

Fixing Netflix Incognito Mode Error Code m7399-1260-00000024 On a Mac Computer

Are you wondering how to fix the Netflix incognito mode error on a macOS computer? Here’s what you need to do:

Turn the Incognito Mode Off

This is the first method you should try because incognito or guest mode on a browser prevents Netflix from storing data on your device. Failure to store data conflicts with the Netflix code, causing the error. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Close the browser window you’re using Netflix with in incognito mode.
  • Relaunch the browser but don’t switch to the incognito mode; use it normally.
  • Log in to your Netflix account and try streaming to see if the error message appears again.

Update Your Browser

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the most popular browsers, and most people use these two when streaming Netflix. However, you must update your browser to avoid the Netflix error codes.

Updating Mozilla Firefox Browser

Follow these steps to update the Firefox browser:

  • Click on the three bars at the top right corner.
  • Click on the Help option, then on About Firefox.
  • Firefox will check if there’s an available update. If there is, Firefox will install the update, and you’ll have to restart the browser to apply the changes. Alternatively, Firefox will inform you that the browser is up to date, and you don’t have to do anything.
  • Log in to your Netflix account using Firefox and see if you’ll experience the same problem.

Updating Google Chrome Browser

Here’s how to update the Google Chrome Browser:

  • Click the three dots at the top right corner.
  • Click the Help option and then About Google Chrome.
  • Just like Firefox, Chrome will check for updates and display if the browser is up to date or not.
  • If there are any updates, Chrome will install them, and you’ll get an option to restart the browser to apply the changes.
  • Log in to your Netflix account and check if the incognito error message will appear.

Switch to a different up-to-date browser like Opera, Vivaldi, or Microsoft Edge if you still experience the same problem.

Clear Browser Data

Clearing browser data is an effective way to eliminate problems with logging in to or loading websites. You can clear Chrome browser data in the Privacy and Security section under Settings. The option to clear browser data on Firefox is also under the Privacy and Security option under Cookies and Site Data.

Clear Space in Your Primary Drive

First, you’ll need to check your available storage because your apps, including the browser, will start experiencing glitches if your device runs out of space. Here’s how to check your storage on a Mac computer:

  • Click the Apple icon in the top left corner.
  • Click “About This Mac.”
  • Go to Storage.
  • Check If you have sufficient space in your drive. A Mac computer requires at least 5 to 10GB of extra space to work smoothly during routine use.
  • You’ll need to delete downloaded files or uninstall unused programs if you have less than 5GB of additional space.

Fixing Netflix Incognito Mode Error Code m7399-1260-00000024 on Windows Computer

Here are various solutions for the Netflix incognito error code m7399-1260-00000024 on a Windows computer.


Avoid Using the Browser in Incognito Mode

Switch to the normal mode if you face the Netflix error code m7399-1260-00000024. Using Netflix on a browser in incognito mode prevents the streaming service from storing data on your device. This can cause many streaming problems, resulting in the incognito mode error code.

The only solution is to stop using any browser in incognito mode when streaming Netflix.

  • Close the incognito mode and relaunch the browser normally.
  • Log in to your Netflix account and try streaming the exact title you were watching earlier.

Clear Space on Your Hard Drive

You will experience many issues with your installed applications if the primary drive of your Windows device starts running out of space. The 32-bit version of Windows requires 16GB of free space to run smoothly, while the 64-bit demands 20GB. Here’s how to check available space on a Windows Computer:

  • Click This PC if you’re using Windows 10 or above. If you’re using an older version, click My Computer.
  • Check the amount of free space on your C drive. This is the partition with your Windows operating system and is where all apps are installed, including your browsers.
  • Create more space if you have less of it available by clearing the cache, deleting downloaded files or videos, and uninstalling unnecessary programs.
  • Try streaming Netflix again after clearing out some space.

Clear Browser Data and Cache

The option to clear browser data and cache on most browsers is under the Privacy and Security section. This applies to Firefox and most chromium-based browsers like Vivaldi, Opera, and Google Chrome.

Log in to your Netflix account once you clear browser data and check if the Netflix incognito mode error appears.

Restart Your Device

Whether you’re using macOS or Windows, restarting your device is an effective solution for devices and applications experiencing a problem. Reboot your Windows or Mac computer and try streaming Netflix again.

Disconnect the VPN

Netflix isn’t a fan of VPNs and will interfere with your connection if it detects VPN use. The streaming service has technology that detects and blocks known VPN IP addresses. You’ll be presented with an error message if Netflix detects you’re using a VPN.

Disconnect your VPN if you encounter Netflix incognito mode error code and try streaming Netflix again.

Wrapping Up

Netflix is a must-have streaming service if you love binge-watching TV shows, movies, and documentaries. However, you may encounter a Netflix incognito mode error code so use the solutions as explained in this guide to get rid of it.

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