Which Type of Contact Lens Should I Choose?

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If you’re considering contact lenses, the type of lens that you choose will be largely dependent on your specific visual impairment as you will need to choose a type that is beneficial. The choice of lens is also dependent on your personal preference and lifestyle, as it’s important that you find your lenses comfortable and easy to use.

Your optometrist should be able to give you specific advice based on your medical history. Some of the types of lenses that you will be able to choose from are explored here.

Gas permeable contact lenses

People who have tried the more conventional soft contact lenses and found that they didn’t get on with them, or that they suffered with dry eyes while wearing them, often find that they get better results with solid gas permeable contact lenses.

As the name suggests they are more rigid than standard contact lenses, and they are also more breathable, allowing oxygen to get to the eye.

The downside of these lenses is that they must be removed at night to be cleaned and disinfected and they can sometimes take a while to get used to. However, if you don’t have a change in prescription you can keep the same pair for a couple of years.

Extended-wear lenses

These are probably the most common type of contact lens.

Soft lenses are the most commonly prescribed type of contact lenses because they are so easy to adapt to, and they are effective for treating a number of different visual impairments.

Extended wear lenses are soft, and designed to be worn for long periods of time, including while you sleep. Cleanliness is incredibly important with extended wear lenses. If you don’t keep them clean, this can cause a build up of debris that can result in sore eyes, or even eye infections.

Daily disposable lenses

Daily disposable lenses are another type of soft lens, and they are also very commonly prescribed.

People like one day lenses because you simply take them out and throw them away each night, rather than having to clean them. This means that there is less worry about hygiene. One day lenses are also a great option if you don’t wear contact lenses all that option, for example, if you only wear them to play sports once a week or if you just wear them when you dress up and don’t want to wear your glasses.

Tinted contact lenses

If you are going to buy tinted contact lenses to change the color of your eyes, it’s really important that you buy them from a reputable provider who is FDA approved. There are plenty of cheap tinted lenses out there, and they can cause damage to your eyes if they are of inferior quality.

Tinted lenses are used for cosmetic reasons, to change the color of the eye, but did you know that they can also be used to reduce glare and help people who struggle with contrast sensitivity?

It’s possible to get prescription lenses that correct your vision that are also tinted, just ask your optometrist.

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