Why Should You Contact a Lawyer Immediately After a Car Accident?

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Contacting a lawyer immediately after a car accident may seem like an unnecessary expenditure and waste of effort. However, you must consider that after an accident, there are many more things to deal with than just healing in the hospital.

You’ll have to face insurance companies, estimate damages, settle for compensation, and gather evidence. If you have serious injuries, you can’t heal while dealing with all of them. Even if you can, you’re unlikely to do it as efficiently and effectively as car accident attorneys.

You Need Legal Advice and Protection

Falling into a vulnerable position is easy when you’re caught in a car accident. You might say things that would harm your case. For instance, a simple “I’m sorry” could be construed as admitting that you caused the accident and that you should pay damages instead of the other driver.

You could even be convinced not to file a report or drop charges. The other driver could talk you into settling it outside the court. Unfortunately, that route doesn’t go well, as they easily leave you uncompensated.

These scenarios are why lawyers should be contacted immediately after an accident. They will advise you on what to say and do to protect your rights. They can also tell you if you have a solid case for compensation and what evidence you should collect.

Lawyers Establish Fault More Efficiently

In every car accident, it’s critical to determine who is at fault or who caused the accident. Often, that person will be held responsible and must compensate you.

However, proving that the other driver is at fault is more complicated than it sounds. Many people (and their insurance companies) will try to get out of paying as much as possible. Things could get tricky in their search for legal loopholes, and having a lawyer would help you in such discussions.

Moreover, laws vary in every state. Some, like Ohio, will allow for comparative negligence, such that your compensation will be reduced if the other driver can prove that you are partially at fault. However, if the state follows pure contributory negligence, even a slight fault on your part could result in you not getting any compensation.

Thus, getting a lawyer adept in the legislation of the area where the accident happened will give you a better shot at proving the other driver is at fault and that you deserve to recover damages.

Lawyers Can Negotiate with Insurance Companies

After a car accident, you often collect compensation from insurance companies, whether your own or the other driver’s. Regardless, many of these companies will try to lowball you or pressure you to accept cheap settlements.

When inexperienced with these companies, it’s easy to get intimidated and give in to their terms. Fortunately, lawyers are familiar with these companies and their techniques. Thus, not only are they unlikely to be influenced by such maneuvers, but they might also have learned how to negotiate with them so they can get you the best terms.

Having a Lawyer Allows You to Focus on Healing

Whether you incurred severe or minor injuries from the car accident, you’ll need time to heal. If you don’t give yourself that time, you might end up with long-term disabilities that could further hamper your recovery.

Thus, it’s crucial that instead of allowing yourself to be trapped with paperwork, investigations, and lawsuits regarding the accident, you get your attorney to deal with all those.

Moreover, lawyers will accomplish them more efficiently than you can. After all, cases have statutes of limitations, along with other deadlines. If you have serious injuries, you’ll find it difficult, if not impossible, to meet those due dates on your own.

Final Thoughts

Getting a lawyer to help deal with the aftermath of a car accident is worth it. They give you the best shot at defending your case and getting compensation. Thus, if you are skeptical about consulting a lawyer, the benefits, like compensation and healing time, make it a wise choice to do so, particularly after an accident.

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