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Xbox Series X price tag of ‘$599’ revealed in a new leak

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Microsoft employed its best developers and designers for Xbox Series X; this gaming console was announced as “Project Scarlett” during the E3 2019. Since then, fans have eagerly waited for the release of this home video gaming console. According to reports, the release is scheduled for November 2020. The gaming setup is among the fourth-generation products planned for Xbox hardware. This brand new console is set to succeed the currently available Xbox One line. There has been much anticipation in the media regarding the pricing of Xbox Series X. Alanah Pearce has revealed on the Kinda Funny XCast that the price for Xbox Series X is likely to be somewhere around $599. This price is much more expensive than that of PS5. Since this information was revealed, the Xbox Series X price leak has taken the internet by a storm.

Although Alanah Pearce did not explicitly reveal her source, she did tell the fans that this piece of information was disclosed to her from a retail source. This news was surprising for many fans. Previous rumors had suggested that Microsoft will price the Xbox Series X as low as $400. The increase in $200 was unexpected.

Further information regarding the Xbox Series X price leak was more disappointing for the fans. Some gaming experts have also remarked that the Xbox Series X will be even more expensive than the price revealed by Alanah Pearce. However, Microsoft has not given an official statement regarding the price, nor have they commented on the leaked price making rounds on social media. This is shocking because the official release is scheduled in November; 2 months from now. Retailers will want to know the price so they can decide the amount of consoles they can stock in their stores.

When the price for PS5 was announced at $500, there were rumors in the gaming industry that the Xbox Series X will at least be priced a $100 below the price of PS5. The lower price of Xbox Series X was an incentive for people to get into the Xbox ecosystem.

According to analysts and gaming experts, this increase in price might be happening due to a number of reasons. Primarily because Xbox Series X comes with the power of 12 teraflops. Meanwhile, PS5 offers 10.28 of teraflops, this might seem like a small difference but it can greatly impact the price factor.

The gap in power offered by both gaming setups may be a prominent factor in determining their price. Phil Spencer, the current boss at Xbox told the press that Microsoft is not worried about selling a huge number of Xbox Series X consoles. This is because Microsoft plans on building an Xbox ecosystem. This ecosystem will comprise of Xbox Game Pass, xCloud game streaming, cross-generation gaming and Windows 10 PCs.

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