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YouTube custom URL change option not showing for many 

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Youtube gave the option to change the custom URL for content creators. After meeting specific requirements, YouTube creators could choose their own URLs.

To be eligible, the channel should have 100 or more subscribers, have a profile picture and banner, and be over a month old.

However, the custom URL change is not showing up for many users.

Reports of YouTube custom URL change not showing for users

Users are frustrated to find out that they can no longer access the feature provided to them. Many took to social media to express their disappointment.

“So uh @TeamYouTube when will your system be done updating so I can FINALLY set a custom URL? Its been updating for a month now,” a user posted.

Youtube replied to their tweet: “If you’ve been waiting to choose or change your custom URL, check out our announcement on handles: in the coming weeks, you’ll be able to choose your preferred URL as your handle at”

‘My youtube channel has 100 plus subscribers, the complete channel logo is there and 30 days is complete, the banner is also there, still I am not showing the option to set a custom URL, even after deleting browser data,” a user posted.

“Dear Youtube Team I’m Trying to enable my custom URL But Set Custom URL Not Enabled… Please fix this problem…. Give me my custom url option,” another posted.

YouTube says it is a deliberate change

According to YouTube, it is an intentional change. Users who haven’t chosen a custom URL for their channel, will get to choose in the coming weeks. However, it will be customizable in YouTube Studio and creators will get a notification when it is available.

“Unlike channel names, handles are *unique* to confirm you’re connecting w the right person! also, your handle works as a unique channel URL, previously only creators with 100+ subs were eligible for a custom URL😢now all channels will have a unique URL based on their handle,” Youtuber Support team tweeted.

The new ‘Handles’ will replace Custom URLs to improve platform discoverability. YouTube Handles will help a channel appear in search results.


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