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YouTube shorts repeating same videos, irrelevant content for viewers

YouTube shorts repeating same videos

According to multiple reports, many YouTube subscribers are experiencing a glitch in which Shorts keeps repeating the same videos for them.

Reports of YouTube shorts repeating same videos

YouTube algorithm has generally been great. Many viewers, however, say that they are constantly presented with the ‘click two buttons’ videos on YouTube Shorts. Furthermore, their stream contains stuff that is divisive concerning Pakistan or India.


Other watchers complain to be receiving children’s videos in shorts while not watching such stuff. This is a highly vexing issue that affects all devices.

“I know others have already posted this, just so they know how broken this is. Shorts are just filled with 2 buttons, kids, Pakistan/India, people cleaning baby’s butt, and tons more. No matter how many times I click the “Don’t recommend this channel” it just keeps popping up. Please fix.” a user posted.

“For a week or 2, I have been getting shorts that I have NEVER seen like kids doing random stuff or like “who would win?” shorts. It changed so much for some reason, did this happen to anyone else?” another user posted.

Users say YouTube algorithm is broken

Users mention that they have reported these types of videos and have selected the option that they don’t want to watch such videos. Nonetheless, YouTube continues to promote these kinds of videos to them.

An affected viewer posted: “Hey, guys have you guys seen a huge amount of kids on your YouTube shorts? It’s alarming apparently YouTube short kids algorithm is being a mix up with our algorithm and I have seen videos about how to have a poly relationship, weird waist challenge, Pakistan propaganda, kids showing their bodies and etc which is what kids nowadays are watching on YouTube kids. And also judging by the comments sections in these shorts a lot of people start seeing them a few days ago.”

However, it isn’t the first time YouTube Shorts has been compromised. Several users have recently reported that random movies were being played instead of the ones they had chosen.

We expect YouTube resolves this issue as soon as possible because the algorithm is malfunctioning and negatively affecting users’ experiences.


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