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New York sinking under its own weight: study

If New York is the city that never sleeps then how’s this for keeping you up at night? It is also sinking. The Big Apple is gradually going down partly because of the weight of the skyscrapers that make the concrete jungle famous, a new study...

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Al Pacino soon to be a father again -- at 83

Actor Al Pacino will soon be a father for the fourth time — at age 83, US media said Wednesday. His partner, 29-year-old Noor Alfallah, is eight months pregnant, according to the showbiz and gossip news site TMZ. Pacino’s agent did not...

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Ukraine says EU bans on its grain help Putin

Ukraine on Wednesday warned that bans on its grain exports imposed by some EU countries were helping Russian President Vladimir Putin divide Europe. Several of Ukraine’s neighbours, including staunch ally Poland, imposed temporary restrictions...

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Russia proposes law to ban sex reassignment

Russian lawmakers have submitted a draft bill to parliament that would ban legal or surgical sex changes, as Moscow sharpens its conservative turn during the Ukraine offensive. Russia has for years been an inhospitable environment for anyone whose...

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Russia claims destroyed Ukraine's 'last warship'

Russia on Wednesday claimed it had destroyed the last major warship of the Ukrainian naval forces, which it said was stationed in the southern port of Odesa. “On May 29, a high-precision strike by the Russian Air Force on a ship anchorage site...

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