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US shutdown would put credit rating at risk: Moody's

Millions of Americans braced Monday for pay and welfare checks to stop within days as Congress careened toward a damaging government shutdown, with Republican right wingers blocking attempts to pass a budget. Four months after barely avoiding the...

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Ford launches 'hands-free' driving on UK motorways

Ford is halting work on a major battery plant in the northern US state of Michigan, the automaker said Monday, just seven months after launching the project with a Chinese partner. The stoppage, which a Ford a representative confirmed to AFP, comes...

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Indicted US senator dismisses calls to resign

A powerful US senator charged with bribery and extortion after gold bars and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash were found at his home rejected calls on Monday for him to resign. “I recognize that this will be the biggest fight...

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Ten children, others washed away by Guatemala river

Ten children are among at least 18 people reported missing after a sewage-polluted river swollen by heavy rains swept away precarious homes in the Guatemalan capital, authorities said Monday. A tributary of the Las Vacas river washed away six homes...

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Russia blames Kosovo for 'bloodshed', bringing region to 'dangerous precipice'

Russia on Monday blamed the government of Kosovo for a deadly clash between authorities and gunmen near the Serbian border, warning that the “bloodshed” could spiral out of control. “There is no doubt that yesterday’s...

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