4 Ways Householders Can Save on Energy This Winter

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Bills are rising and many households are wondering how they will make ends meet this winter and pay their energy bills. Fortunately, there are some things anyone can do to bring their bills down and save on energy this winter.

Switch to Efficient Heating

This most significant energy rise is in the cost of natural gas. Though this does have some effect on the price of electricity, it has a huge impact on the cost of heating a home. By switching to an energy-efficient heating source you can cut your energy bills down to size. Though it requires some investment, you can buy a home heating system that will save you money this year, and every year.

Heat pumps use electrical power, and heat air that is then pumped through the home. This is much more energy efficient than burning gas to boil water and pump that through pipes and radiators. Look here to find heat pumps Northern Ireland that can bring down your bills today.

Switch Off at the Plug Socket

Many small energy cuts can add up to a lot of money off your energy bill. We have had things easy for so long, leaving the TV on standby for convenience or USB chargers plugged in so they are ready and waiting for us. Even the microwave and oven can waste energy and only offer us the time in return, plus or minus an hour for daylight savings.

Switching things off at the plug, and back on again later, is a minor inconvenience that can add up to a noticeable saving; especially at the rates we now pay for electricity. Make flicking the switches part of your nightly routine and you will soon see the difference in your bank balance.

Defrost the Freezer

Believe it or not, keeping all that built-up ice that clogs up your freezer space costs you money. A defrosted and clean freezer is much more energy efficient than one that is full of ice blocks. You make more room for frozen food too, which is another way to save some money.

Defrosting a freezer doesn’t have to be a big job either. It has a bad reputation but is simple enough to do when you know how. This small investment of time and effort can pay a big dividend on your energy bill. Make this a chore for your next weekend and start saving today.

Wash Clothes at a Lower Temperature

The easiest way to wash clothes is to throw them in the washer and put them on the same program you use every time, which is normally the 40-degree wash. This works well for colours, cotton, and just about any delicate material but a 30-degree wash will work better for your energy bill.

Most modern washing machines boil their own water, but the older models use hot water from your home system. Either way, boiling water for washing clothes consumes more energy than you realise. Dropping the temperature can reduce the cost of heating water by as much as half.

Follow these top tips and you should see a significant drop in your energy use. This should help to offset the increase in the price of energy and help you save money on your bill this winter.

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