8 job search sites for a software developer

8 job search sites for a software developer
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If you are looking for a job as a developer or programmer, you have probably already faced various difficulties. However, the first problem people face is where to look for these vacancies. In order to simplify your task and speed up the path to your dream position, we offer the top most popular sites that offer software vacancies. With them, your job search will be as fast and efficient as possible, and most importantly, effective.

  1. LinkedIn is a top source of open jobs for developers and programmers. Here you can not only view which companies are recruiting specialists in the form of convenient lists. You can also develop your own professional network. The platform provides access to useful resources for career advancement. Here, employers and programmers find each other.
  2. Stack Overflow is a knowledge base and a job board for technical specialists. By setting the necessary parameters, you narrow the search circle and quickly get exactly the information you were looking for. For example, Salesforce developer jobs or other technical vacancies.
  3. GitHub is a tech jobs exchange. Usually, programmers create their own projects on this platform. And since the majority are representatives of popular companies, there is a possibility that they will be looking for a specialist for a new project.
  4. Dice tech is for granular-level job search. About two million people are posting vacancies here. However, the chance of an employer to respond to your questionnaire depends on the clarity and accuracy. Take enough time to fill out the application professionally according to your career requirements, experience, capabilities, and aspirations.
  5. F6S is for finding opportunities for startups. Young progressive startups who have a lot of ideas and energy are represented on this site. This is a more local niche platform, but there are more chances to find your employer here. So if you have a cool idea and want to sell it to someone, this site is for you.
  6. Remotive is for remote software developers. If you are interested in SQL programmer jobs, then this is an excellent site for searching for such vacancies. Its contact base is relatively small, but there are solid offers on the platform. There are always open vacancies here.
  7. CrunchBoard offers vacancies for programmers and technologists. Various technological companies are looking for qualified specialists here. Even beginners can find their way here quickly, because the site’s interface is modern and easy to use. The lists of vacancies for the positions of programmers are regularly updated.
  8. AndroidDev features jobs for Android developers. If you specialize in Android app development, register on this site to find interesting offers, cool recruiters, and a lot of useful information in one place. Sign up for updates and be the first to receive information about new offers from employers.

Remember that job hunting is a systematic process that will eventually lead to the desired result. Don’t give up after the first failure. The main thing is to objectively assess your own capabilities, look for a decent offer and respond to job vacancies in a timely manner.



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