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Apple unexpectedly supports Right to Repair Act

Apple tops China's smartphone market for the first time
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Apple on Thursday confirmed it is endorsing passage of a California law requiring major gadget makers to enable people to fix their devices without taking them back to companies.

A Right to Repair Act that mandates manufacturers provide customers and outside repair shops with tools, parts, and information needed to fix broken electronics is making its way through the state legislature.

“Apple supports California’s Right to Repair Act so all Californians have even greater access to repairs while also protecting their safety, security, and privacy,” the iPhone maker said in response to an AFP inquiry.

Advocacy organization Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) called Apple’s move “an unexpected about-face,” describing the tech giant as having been a high-profile opponent of such laws.

A Right-to-Repair movement, of which PIRG is a part, has led to laws in a handful of other US states, the advocacy organization noted.

“It’s not just about providing parts and tools for repairs; it’s about empowering consumers to make environmentally responsible choices,” said Liz Chamberlain of repair tips website iFixit.

“Right to Repair has been building momentum in Big Tech’s backyard, it’s about time Apple opens the front door.”



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