Best Political Science and Government-Related College Majors

Choosing political science and various disciplines related to governmental operations is quite popular these days, yet one must remember that choosing political studies is more challenging than it may initially seem. Depending on whether you are planning to choose Journalism, Law, or Business Marketing specification, you have to be ready for an interdisciplinary approach. It’s one of the reasons why students majoring in Political Science have to explore numerous subjects, which is often achieved by turning to debates and guest lectures. Therefore, you must explore your future major first to have a solid focus as you start with your studies.

What Majors Fit Political Sciences and Government-Related Courses Best?

– Public Administration.

It’s one of those majors where you can combine several disciplines and have good internships that will give you a career start. By choosing this subject, you will deal with governmental institutions and the resources that help keep them together. This major often takes a scientific vector, which means that you will have to work hard with case study writing where you will learn more about mistakes that have been made in the past. Turning to helpful examples, specialists in the field of public administration learn and choose the most efficient solutions.

– International Relations.

If you would like to study politics, one of the safest methods would be exploring global studies. It will include learning a foreign language and dealing with legislation that takes place in several countries. For example, you may have a further focus on Spanish-speaking countries, Nordic lands, or the EU states. It will require some writing to do, which is why you must consider the best website for someone to write my essay to ensure that you deliver all your assignments on time. Don’t forget about attending political webinars and podcasts that will help you learn more about the foreign culture and explore the local press reports.

– Business Administration.

You may combine business analytics and data management as these specialists are constantly hired by governmental agencies to acquire statistical data. If you would like to study social processes, business administration also makes it possible to combine anthropology and political challenges. You will have to study business operations, financial markets, customer relations, and supply chain management to understand how politics affect these areas. The same can be said about logistics and international agreements, which is one of the most important factors studied by students that explore Political Sciences curriculums.

– Journalism

It might not be one of the most popular subjects when you think about political sciences or governmental structures, becoming a journalist will help you to gain analytical skills and strategic thinking. You may start with political journalism by focusing on research work and investigations or start with criminology where you will discover certain standards and methodologies. As it’s one of the most inspiring courses, it is worth trying, especially by joining Harvard or Yale University.

– Economics.

As you will learn more about political processes, you’ll see that finances and economics are always related to politics. It’s one of the reasons why certain events that take place are always affecting the stock markets and the currency exchange rates. Depending on your location in the United States, you will be able to analyze these processes locally as well. For example, studying economics in New York might be one of the best state for students in this regard as one can enter the famous NYC business school and focus on political constituents. Take your time to explore what your campus offers and what internship options can be considered as you learn.

– Media Communications.

Just think about becoming a host of some political show or acting as an invited expert who could help understand particular changes. Basically, you’ll have to combine journalistic research, linguistics, and economics as the majority of media communications specialists have to present excellent skills in these areas. It is a challenging major, yet you can focus on creativity, cultural aspects, and being a part of the media network.

What Institutions Are Best For Political Science & Government-Related Studies?

Although almost every college these days will offer a good starting point, there are still world-famous options that must be considered for top political science graduate programs. The top five choices would be Yale University, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia University, and Princeton University. It may be relatively hard to get enrolled as you must provide recommendations and pass a challenging selection process, yet once you become accepted, you get unique access to both theoretical and practical tasks revolving around political processes both locally and globally.


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