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Boris Johnson to resign in six months due to health issues [REPORT]

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s closest ally and father in law has told the press that Johnson plans to resign in the next six months due to lingering health problems caused the deadly coronavirus. Prime Minister was admitted to hospital in early April due to persistent coronavirus symptoms. The 55- year-old Prime Minister spent several nights in hospital due to slow recovery and continuing symptoms of coronavirus visible through poor health.

A column reported in The Times of London’s Diary shed light on a conversation between Humphry Wakefield, the father of Dominic Cummings’ wife, Mary and another woman named Anna Silverman. This conversation reportedly took place last week where it was discussed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to resign within the next six months since he requires intensive care after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

Wakefield is reported to have drawn a parallel between an injured horse and the current health condition of the Prime Minister. Wakefield said that the Prime Minister is demonstrating the same symptoms as an injured horse would display if it had been brought back earlier than it properly recovered from the injury. The Times quoted Wakefield remarks as, “If you put a horse back to work when it’s injured, it will never recover.”

A source at Downing Street rejected these rumors as “utter nonsense”.  The source further stated that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has no plans of resigning in the next six months.

Most researchers and doctors are of the view that it takes years for a person to fully recover from the novel coronavirus. The recovery period is even slower in adults above 30 years of age. Prime Minister spent several nights in the intensive care at London’s St. Thomas’ Hospital. When inquired about his health, he has reportedly told the media that doctors had made certain arrangements for his health. He also revealed that doctors had arranged liters of oxygen for him.

The Prime Minister has admitted that recovering from the virus was tough and that it had taken a toll on his health. Multiple reports that have surfaced since Prime Minster from discharged from the hospital indicate that he is still in poor health and continues to struggle with lingering symptoms of coronavirus.

The tenure of Boris Johnson as the Prime Minister began one year ago when he succeeded Theresa May as the Conservative leader during July 2019. According to rules, Boris Johnson would have to continue his role as the  Prime Minister for another four years till he can fight in the elections to be held in May 2024.

According to rumors that surfaced on social media right after Boris Johnson was diagnosed with coronavirus, he narrowly escaped death. Sources state that his doctors were extremely worried since Prime Minister’s symptoms were particularly severe. The truth can only be uncovered in the next six months.

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