Can Education Help Develop Responsible Attitudes Toward Guns?

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In America, everyone wants to know how to stop mass shootings. Approximately 34,000 people die in firearms-related incidents every year in the U.S. With so many school shootings taking place, young people have been speaking out to demand safer schools.

They are organizing protests and building movements for change. There are no easy solutions to gun violence. Schools may be one of the few places left that can help students develop responsible attitudes toward the use of weapons.

Research case studies of the consequences of gun violence

It may seem obvious, but students need to realize that weapons are lethal. In situations where it is present, the chances of someone dying are far higher. Educators could get students to do research into case studies of weapons violence. In that case, it might be useful to consider asking for help in essay writing because professional writers can make it in the best way. There are even studies that show people who carry guns are at more risk of being shot than those who are unarmed.

Students could look into gun violence from different angles:

  • American weapon culture
  • The role played by mass media, the government, and the legal system.
  • Interventions aimed at prevention.

If students had to write briefs outlining the issues for policymakers, what scientific evidence could they present to support their positions?

“How to reduce gun violence” essay topic

Writing essays on the gun violence topic is often part of the term coursework for students studying humanities. It is possible to find free essays on gun violence and related issues. Students may not find any free essays about a specific topic. If they need urgent help with a dissertation on topics relating to gun violence or any other topics, they can contact an expert writer for help in writing a plagiarism-free paper within the required deadline.

Connect the curriculum and current gun based-violence events

Current events can be a good entry point for exploring issues like civil rights, law and government. Social studies educators can look at the role of young people as promoters of change at important moments in history. There’s a powerful history of student activism in America. Studying the past can make students aware of the part young people played in responding to issues they saw as vital. Learning about civil rights and the civil rights movement could open up a discussion on the best strategies students could use to bring about change.

 Essay on gun control

Essays on gun control are popular college essay writing topics. For students in school to write a persuasive essay on gun control, they would need to visit the library and do some research to find scientific evidence to support their views. Gun control deals with how to sell, buy, use, store and carry firearms in the right way. Students can find out how to go about writing an argumentative essay or get writing help from professional writers.

Encourage informed dialogue

US citizens currently have the right to carry weapons, and guns are dangerous if they are not handled and stored properly. A dialogue about weapon control in the classroom can be helpful as long as everyone has the right to speak without fear. The opinions of students about this issue are likely to be very different. Some may believe changes to weapon laws will make a difference, while others may not.

Once students have had a chance to do some research, educators can invite them to dialogue with others. They need to use a clearly defined discussion strategy that requires all students to participate as active speakers and listeners. Educators can contribute by asking questions and ensuring that students use evidence to support their opinions.

Does gun safety training work?

Education to prevent gun violence takes different forms. There can be a focus on safe storage and other strategies to increase weapon control. A variety of programs are designed to help to prevent or reduce youth violence. Unfortunately, there isn’t much evidence that safety training changes behavior around guns. Surveys find that weapons owners who take a safety class are no more likely to store guns safely than those who don’t.


Gun violence has become an issue for many reasons, such as easy access to guns, failure to conduct background checks, and undiagnosed mental health issues. Gun violence in schools destroys the sense of safety all students should experience in their learning environments. Educators need to identify and help students who they feel are at risk for carrying out acts of violence. Everyone needs to work on creative, inclusive educational environments where all students feel safe and accepted.

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